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Best PlayStation 4 decal kits

Pretty up your PS4 with a custom decal kit!

Lets face it, when you look at a standard PlayStation 4 it can be kind of boring. It’s like a leaning DVR, a mostly bland-looking box sitting in front of your television. There’s no harm in making it look a little nicer, especially if you weren’t able to score a limited edition version of this console.

Put that spray paint away. There is an easier solution. If you’re  [Read More…]

These Orig3n DNA test kits on sale can tell how your genes effect behavior, intelligence, and more

It’s in your blood.

Today’s Amazon Gold Box deal of the day features these Orig3n mini genetic DNA testing kits on sale. Each kit serves its own function, and apparently some genetic profiles are less expensive than others. For example, the Beauty test kit is down to $ 49.50 from a $ 99 street price. It can tell you how your genes might effect your complexion, hair health, and other things.

Each kit is essentially a cheek  [Read More…]

AR Cardboard kits now come with controllers thanks to Zapbox!

A real Augmented Reality experience doesn’t have to be pricey.

Trying to decide whether Augmented Reality is for you or not can be pesky if you don’t want to pay up front for top of the line headsets. That is until recently when we began to see awesome new cardboard kits start to hit the market. Zapbox is exactly that, except that they go one step further by delivering a cardboard Augmented Reality headset fully equipped with  [Read More…]

Best Mesh Wi-Fi Router Kits

What are the best mesh network kits?

Mesh Wi-Fi kits are becoming popular for people who are sick of dead spots in their network coverage. Whether you have a large home or a small place with thick walls, grabbing one of these kits can alleviate a poor signal. The idea is simple — connect a few satellite Wi-Fi points to the main point and spread out the signal evenly around your house.

Why not just grab an  [Read More…]

Samsung gives out 2,600 Gear VR kits to developers at Facebook’s F8 conference

Developers attending Facebook’s F8 conference today are in for a treat, as Samsung has announced that all 2,600 developers in attendance will receive a Gear VR kit along with a customized Galaxy phone. While Samsung doesn’t state exactly which Galaxy handsets were included in the kit, the company notes that it leveraged the KNOX platform to automatically set up the phones in all 2,600 kits with the following customizations:

Developers to have all the tools they need at their fingertips  [Read More…]

Be sure to grab this bundle to master everything there is to know about Arduino kits

Are you a builder? Maybe builder is a bit of an overstatement but if you like to tinker around and dream of owning a workshop where you can lose track of the hours while you piece together some new pet project then you are certainly not alone.

Many of us have fond memories of building things with Legos, K’nex, Erector sets or even putting together models. Why should the fun end just because we’ve grown up? If you have a  [Read More…]

Learn, build and control(Android app) electronics through monthly subscription kits from Thimble

Being an Editor gives me a little more creative freedom to write what I deem valuable to you readers. We’re supposed to write about things related to Android or mobile technology, and having the power to write gives me the ability to help spread the word for something I feel passionate about – that is mobile technology, programming and robotics.

It’s 11:30pm right now, and I just got an email about a Kickstarter project that can help kids and adults  [Read More…]

Check out this roundup of VR Cardboard kits for less than $10

Virtual reality(VR) is rapidly picking up in the U.S. With companies like Google, Oculus and Samsung leading the charge, content is growing by leaps and bounds everyday. Enjoy content in a revolutionary way with just lenses and cardboard. Netflix, YouTube and Hulu are among the many who provide virtual reality content for your viewing pleasure.

youtube vr


Gearbest.com makes it cheap and easy to jump into the world of VR as  [Read More…]

Lowes revamps its Iris Smart Home Solution package, kits starting at $99

Lowes, the home improvement retailer, has announced its second-generation Iris Smart Home Solution package, which brings big improvements over the first. This time around, Lowes has updated the software and released a new mobile app, and when paired with the new hardware it brings some new functionality, along with faster performance. The mobile app makes it easier to navigate, as users can control devices with just a tap now.

Redesigned from the ground up for a more  [Read More…]

Android TV dev kits now shipping out to developers

The first round of Google’s Android TV dev kits are now landing on developer’s doorsteps. After Google’s announcement of Android TV at Google I/O, developers were invited to apply for a chance to get a preview console on which to design their applications. Devs that were selected are now receiving their units, which consist of an ADT-1 reference Android TV console and a game controller.

Releasing a dev preview device is an excellent way for Google to get developers on board  [Read More…]