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Google intros its thinnest, lightest laptop yet in Pixelbook

Google today revealed a number of new devices and gadgets at an event in San Francisco. Among the bigger products is its latest Chrome OS laptop, the Pixelbook. As the thinnest (10.3mm), lightest laptop (2.4 lbs) to come from Google, the Pixelbook starts at $ 999 and offers up a 4-in-1 form factor. Having combined the best […]

Google Pixelbook convertible laptop announced

A continuation of the Chromebook Pixel program, with a twist.

One piece of Google’s October 4 hardware event that didn’t leak much is the Google Pixelbook, which was announced ahead of the Pixel 2 and 2 XL. The new Pixelbook marks a continuation of Google’s original two Chromebook Pixel laptops, now with a little change in the branding to better reflect where the product stands alongside the Pixel phones.

Unlike early rumors had suggested, the Pixelbook is  [Read More…]

This $64 eBags professional backpack can hold your laptop and everything else you need

This Thrifter deal gets an awesome laptop backpack down to its lowest price ever!

The eBags Professional Slim laptop backpack is down to $ 63.99 with code 9X364AZP on Amazon. This bag normally sells for at least $ 100, if not more. The price drop to $ 64 is its lowest ever.

This deal is only available on the Heathered Graphite color, but Solid Black is down to $ 80, which isn’t bad. Unfortunately, if you were looking for  [Read More…]

This $9 Anker Solid-State Drive enclosure is crucial when upgrading your laptop

This new deal from Thrifter can help you convert your internal SSD into an external portable drive!

This Anker USB 3.0 2.5-inch enclosure case is down to $ 8.99 with code when you enter ANKERABA at checkout. Without an active coupon code, this enclosure’s regular street price is $ 12.99. This deal is an easy 30% discount off the regular price.

This enclosure is a must-have for those of your looking to upgrade your laptop with a new SSD  [Read More…]

Google awarded patent for crazy 2-in-1 laptop design

Google patents a wild looking design that may show up in its next laptop.

Back before it became a line of phones, the Chromebook Pixel line was known for setting an example of what a high end Chromebook would look like. The first model had a unique 3:2 aspect ratio, a high-resolution screen and an optional LTE model. That line culminated in the Pixel C, an Android convertible tablet. Since then, ASUS and Samsung seriously stepped up in the  [Read More…]

Back to school made easy: Check out this crazy cheap laptop and tablet at iRULU (+COUPON CODES!) (Promoted Deal)

My daughter is starting back to school and man, it’s so expensive this day and age. It’s almost impossible to send them off to school without some kind of connected device where they can connect to a world of information to research and do homework. Schools are leveraging the internet more and more to expand […]

Quickly charge your phone by placing it on the LAER laptop sleeve

It happened to all of us – our smartphone or laptop ran out of juice when we needed it the most. It’s even more frustrating when all your mobile devices are rendered unusable at once, while we are away from home. A new Indiegogo project hopes to be able to solve your problem. It’s called […]

Samsung DeX review: This isn’t a replacement for your laptop

It’s useful, but it isn’t practical, and you should only consider one if you’re into the novelty.

Admittedly, I’m in a bit of disbelief that I’m writing a review for a desktop operating system that’s running off of the Galaxy S8+. Who knew this would be our future? I certainly didn’t. I knew computers were getting smaller, particularly when netbooks and tiny little Chromebits were introduced to the market, but I never imagined it would be the  [Read More…]

Chrome 57 will help your laptop battery last a bit longer

It’s no secret that Chrome can be a very power-hungry browser on a laptop.

Google is constantly evolving Chrome to be less power hungry while also offering increased performance, and the latest development arriving in Chrome 57 focuses on power savings from further background tab management. With the latest version, tabs open but not currently in use will be more aggressively throttled to save power.

Chrome will accomplish this by more aggressively limiting the rate at which timers in  [Read More…]

The Finsix DART is the best laptop charger for travelers

The Finsix DART offers a more “minimalistic” take on laptop chargers as it doesn’t take up half of your computer bag, and allows you to even charge your mobile device.