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Facebook is launching a new app for Amazon Fire TV and Samsung Smart TVs

Facebook may be coming to a TV near you.

Facebook thinks you need more of its app in your life, so it’s starting to roll out a new TV-centric app for set-top boxes like Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Smart TV, as well as the Apple TV.

This is all part of Facebook’s evolving plans for its video platform, which was announced at the Code Media conference by Facebook’s VP of Partnerships, Dan Rose. The conference is sponsored by Recode  [Read More…]

Google launching new security features for G Suite admins

It isn’t fun, but data security is of the utmost importance in big companies.

Google’s enterprise-focused application offering, G Suite, is getting new tools that certainly won’t be considered sexy from the end-user perspective but will have network admins and CTOs jumping for joy. The new features are all centered around security, and more importantly keeping sensitive company data locked up tight inside the company while still visible and usable to employees who need it.

Though  [Read More…]

Starbucks launching voice ordering from your phone, Amazon Echo

You can now order your double upside down macchiato half decaf with room and a splash of cream with just your voice.

Starbucks has aggressively pushed its mobile ordering platform in the last year attempting to get fewer people standing in line and more ordering directly from their phones for a seamless pickup. The next level of that expansion is voice-only ordering, which Starbucks is now rolling out on iOS and will hit Android soon. At the same time,  [Read More…]

YouTube is launching a new private chat feature, and it’s starting in Canada

Canadians finally get a Google product first.

YouTube is rolling out a new sharing feature, and Canadians — who YouTube says share 15% more videos than an average user — are getting it first. The new interface turns the YouTube sharing system into more of an integrated chat experience, keeping a private conversation around a video inside the YouTube app rather than elsewhere.

The new feature rolls out to the YouTube app in Canada starting today, and  [Read More…]

Swarovski’s first Android Wear watch is launching in March

Swarovski’s first Android Wear smartwatch is designed for women, debuting later this quarter.

The smartwatch segment is currently in a holding pattern as we await Android Wear 2.0. While LG and Motorola haven’t committed to releasing new smartwatches, Swarovski has announced that it is teaming up with Qualcomm to launch its first Android Wear watch designed for women at Baselworld 2017, which takes place in March.

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ASUS’ upcoming ZenFone will be powered by the Snapdragon 835, launching at CES

ASUS’ upcoming phone will feature the Snapdragon 835 and dual cameras.

Ahead of CES, ASUS is teasing an upcoming phone in the ZenFone series that will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 SoC. In a tweet, the company revealed that it will unveil a phone powered by the 10nm SoC later this week.

Level up! World’s best processor now fully unleashed the potential! Save the date: 01.04.17 #ASUS #ZenFone #Zennovation #CES2017! pic.twitter.com/c6WuavRiHT

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Google is launching tools for viewing VR content in Chrome for Android

Lowering the barriers to entry for VR is always a good thing.

Building on the inclusion of Daydream in Android 7.0 Nougat, Google is working to make it even easier to view VR content with new tools to bring these experiences into the Chrome browser on Android. Starting with Chrome 56 for Android, which is currently in beta, developers will have access to WebVR and GamePad APIs that let them create VR experiences that can be viewed directly in  [Read More…]

Sony’s Xperia Ear finally launching Dec 13 for $199

Do more without picking up your phone with the Xperia Ear.

First announced back at Mobile World Congress in February, Sony has revealed its always listening in-ear Bluetooth piece, the Xperia Ear, will be available December 13 on Amazon. It will also be available through retailers such as Fry’s, B&H and other retailers. Retail price for the Xperia Ear has been set at $ 199.99.

The Xperia Ear is a lightweight earpiece that’s designed to fit  [Read More…]

Samsung’s bigger, more expensive Gear S3 watches launching in the U.S. Nov 18

The latest Gear smartwatches up the features, but also the price.

Samsung’s new Gear S3 watch line — which comes in both a Frontier and Classic model, the former with optional LTE — is coming to the U.S. starting November 18, with pre-orders kicking off on November 6. After being unveiled back in September at the IFA show in Berlin, we hadn’t heard much about the latest wearables throughout the Note 7 recall saga.

For  [Read More…]

Samsung launching gorgeous ‘blue coral’ Galaxy S7 edge in the U.S. for the holidays

A mid-cycle color refresh for the phone taking over the Note 7’s sales.

If you lusted after the bright blue-and-pink “blue coral” Note 7 back when it was on sale, you’re in luck: the color is being reintroduced on the Galaxy S7 edge in the U.S. later this year. Blue coral was originally a Note 7-exclusive color, but will now sit alongside black, gold and silver as color options for the GS7 edge a “major wireless providers” in the  [Read More…]