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How to (and why you should) leave reviews on the Google Play Store

Reminder: leaving an app store review is one of the easiest ways to support your favorite app developers.

When you write a review in the Google Play Store, keep in mind that you’re writing for three separate audiences — the app developer, other Android users, and Google Play itself.

While every app developer would love to just receive an endless stream of 5-star reviews, they should also value feedback such as what you liked and didn’t like  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ renders based on CAD designs leave nothing to the imagination

Samsung’s next flagships, the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ – which are widely anticipated to be incremental upgrades over the Galaxy S8 – are bound to make a debut in a few months. While we wait on the official announcement, we can already take a sneak peek at what’s coming by checking out these newly […]

These Card Holders Work With Any Phone Case, Let You Leave Wallet at Home

Want to carry around your cash and cards but don’t like wallet cases? Check out these card and cash holders that will work with any phone!

Sometimes it’s nice to have the option to leave your bulky wallet at home and only carry around a little bit of cash and a few valuable cards around with you. Wallet cases for your cell phone are a standard solution to this problem; however, wallet cases can be bulky and  [Read More…]

Samsung Level On Pro wireless headphones review: Leave buttons and the noisy world behind

Never leave home without headphones.

If I leave my phone at home, I’m gonna kick myself for forgetting. If I forget my headphones at home, I’m going back to get them every time. Headphones are the key to my sanity in a world of obnoxious coworkers, crying kids at the supermarket, and ridiculous noises. A good pair of headphones is as important as a good phone, because I’ll use the headphones just as much, if not more  [Read More…]

LG V30 renders based on CAD designs leave nothing to the imagination

LG is gearing up to unveil its second flagship for the year, the V30 in Berlin a day before the IFA 2017 trade show officially opens its gates. The phone popped up in the rumor mill before, but this week we’re getting a closer look at it thanks to @OnLeaks and MySmartPrice who posted a […]

T-Mobile DIGITS is ready to leave beta, will go live May 31

Back in December we told you T-Mobile unveiled a new service called DIGITS, which allowed subscribers to use a phone number across multiple device. At the time, the carrier launched an opt-in beta program, but fast forward to the present and the service is finally ready for prime-time. Beginning on May 31, all T-Mobile customers […]

How to enable or disable the LG G6’s camera roll — and why you may want to leave it off

The LG G6 lets you see a scrolling strip of recent photos, but you may want to leave it off for quicker camera load times.

The LG G6 has a lot of neat features that utilize the taller 18:9 aspect ratio, letting you see more at once. One of those can be found in the camera app. The filmstrip view — officially called “camera roll” — gives you a scrolling vertical strip of recent photos off to  [Read More…]

J&L Real-200 Swan: Gym headphones that won’t fall out of your ears or leave you broke (review)

I’ve been a big fan of J&L Real ever since I bought the J&L 103 Bluetooth headphones for the gym. J&L Real puts a lot of value in making aesthetic, affordable headphones for people who live an active lifestyle. I’m an avid gym-goer and so wireless headphones are a staple in my life. Let me

AT&T’s prepaid plans just gave you another reason to leave postpaid

Yet another reason to consider prepaid from AT&T.

AT&T’s GoPhone prepaid plans just keep getting more enticing, with a free jump this week to higher data allowances on the top two plans. The top-end $ 60 plan ($ 55 with auto pay) will automatically bump to 8GB of data per month, while the $ 45 plan ($ 40 with auto pay) jumps to a respectable 4GB. Both easily land above the average data usage of most people, and are  [Read More…]

Leave your phone behind – But never miss an important call or message with the Ditto Bluetooth alerting device

Disconnecting from our smartphones is a near impossible experience for most. We grow more dependent on our mobile devices, but our deal of the day aims to help you simplify matters. For just $ 33 with free shipping included, you can get the Ditto Bluetooth Alerting device from our deals page.  When we enjoy meals, the