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Will a leftover Galaxy Note 8 screen protector work on the Galaxy Note 9?

Have a spare Note 8 screen protector lying around? Don’t throw it away quite yet!

Although the Galaxy Note 8 from last year is a more than powerful Android phone in 2018, the all-new Note 9 is still worth the upgrade thanks to its Bluetooth-equipped S Pen, AI camera features, and ginormous battery.

The Note 9 should feel like a very familiar phone for Note 8 owners, and while a radical new design would have been fun  [Read More…]

Shadowgun: The Leftover update live in the Android Market

Android Central

We brought you the news back on Tuesday, but today is the day. “The Leftover” update for the brilliant Shadowgun is now live in the Android Market.

The expansion pack is a direct update to the original app, and brings with it 4 whole new levels among a bunch of other cool new features. We’re not going to bore you with details, because we know you’d rather be playing this.  [Read More…]

Shadowgun: The Leftover update hitting this week, free for owners of Shadowgun

Android Central

Shadowgun fans rejoice; once iOS exclusive add-on pack “The Leftover” will be hitting the Android Market this week. Best of all, current Shadowgun players will recieve it as a free of charge update.

It features four new levels, and a storyline that follows on directly after the events of the original game. These are just two among many other new features, so fans will be well catered for while waiting  [Read More…]