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Boost Mobile adds Coolpad Legacy to roster

Boost Mobile on Tuesday added the Coolpad Legacy smartphone to its roster of devices. Priced just $ 100, the prepaid phone offers consumers a big screen experience and the latest version of Android.

Powered by Android 9, the Legacy has a 6.36-inch display, a Snapdragon 450 processor with 3GB and 32GB internal storage. The rear houses two cameras (16-megapixel and 5-megapixel) while the front has a 13-megapixel shooter.

A 4,000mAh battery lets users get up to two days on average  [Read More…]

Coolpad Legacy review

Thanks to the Google Pixel 3a the conversation around smartphones has shifted again. We’re back to talking about what we really need from our phones and how much money is necessary to keep pace.

Whereas we were creeping into $ 1,000 (and higher) phones over the last few years, it’s refreshing to once again talk about those which cost far less. As much as these top-tier models have under the hood for games, photos, and performance, it’s often hard to  [Read More…]

Enter to win a free Coolpad Legacy now!

The folks at Coolpad have dropped off three shiny new Legacy devices at our door, and we’re giving them away! Between now and Wednesday, May 22, you can enter our contest in a number of ways using the handy-dandy widget below.

Besides pointing you to Coolpad social channels, there’s also their newer brand, Dyno. This is the umbrella for their tech for kids, namely the smartwatch Russell loves.

If you’re unfamiliar, the Coolpad Legacy is bringing an awful  [Read More…]

Coolpad debuts Legacy flagship phone for Metro

Coolpad on Monday announced its latest smartphone, the Legacy, is now available for purchase. The $ 130 handset is offered as a prepaid device through T-Mobile’s prepaid brand Metro.

Powered by Android 9 Pie, the Coolpad Legacy is the sort of device that caters to family users. While high-end, top-dollar phones are nice, it is not practical to outfit a family with a whole fleet of them.

Coolpad Legacy focuses on what matters to its intended demographic. In short,  [Read More…]

Coolpad’s new $130 Legacy smartphone lands at Metro

Coolpad is launching a new phone on Metro today called the Legacy.

For $ 129.99, you get Android 9 Pie, a 4,000 mAh battery, and a 6.36-inch FHD+ display. Staples like a dual camera, fingerprint sensor, and QuickCharge 3.0 over USB-C are also included alongside the altogether reasonable pricetag.

As an added incentive Metro is offering it for only $ 29.99 if you port in from another provider and sign up for a $ 50 plan. That’s some  [Read More…]

How to create a legacy contact for Facebook

Death. The one thing that none of us can avoid. It’s coming for all of us and it’s the last thing that any of us will do, too. Surely, it is the last thing you really want to think about.

Do you know what else you probably don’t want to think about? What happens with your social media accounts when you pass? Yes, we’re talking about your words, pictures, and legacy.

For many people, social accounts become a place of memorial  [Read More…]

Unearth the secrets of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy on PS4 for $30

Continue your Uncharted adventure from a new perspective.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is now on sale at Amazon for $ 29.99, a discount of $ 7 off its average selling price. This game is only available for PlayStation 4.

The Lost Legacy was originally announced as DLC for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, but was eventually released as a stand-alone game due to the length of its main story which lasts around seven hours. Instead of running  [Read More…]

These USB-C to Micro-USB adapters are great for your legacy devices

Transitioning between standards can be tough, but you can make it easier on yourself.

We’re roughly two years into the major transition to USB-C as a standard port on computers and phones. It’s pretty tough to buy a new high-end device today that doesn’t have a USB-C port, and most new laptops have at least one USB-C ports for charging and data.

But of course we don’t all refresh every device we own every year — there  [Read More…]

These USB-C to Micro-USB adapters are great for your legacy devices

Transitioning between standards can be tough, but you can make it easier on yourself.

It was just this time last year that the revolution of moving to USB-C was getting into full swing, and what a difference a year makes. Now just about every new phone you can buy (well, except a pretty notable one) has a USB-C port, and most new laptops have USB-C ports for charging and data.

But of course we don’t all refresh  [Read More…]

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars – Galactic witch Rita Repulsa is back and has to be stopped (Review)

Overview As a kid in the ‘90s I used to watch a lot of Power Rangers episodes. Over the years the television series was turned into an entertainment and merchandising franchise with its latest manifestation being the Power Rangers movie which was launched in 2017. But Power Rangers fans weren’t treated only with the movie […]