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Take $30 off the super speedy Lenovo Chromebook C330

Everything is fast, smooth, and easy to use.

The Lenovo Chromebook C330 11.6-inch 2-in-1 convertible laptop is down to $ 219.99 on Amazon. The Chromebook more regularly sells for around $ 250 and was as high as $ 300 in December. Today’s drop to $ 220 is the second best price we’ve ever seen, with only Black Friday’s deals beating it. The deal is so good it’s actually less than the price of the 32GB version despite  [Read More…]

Save $100 on the Lenovo Smart Display 8-inch with Google Assistant today

Stream music, browse the internet, call your friends and more.

Lenovo’s 8-inch Smart Display with Google Assistant is down to $ 99.99 at Best Buy today only. This deal saves you $ 100 off its price otherwise and is just $ 1 above the price it reached during Black Friday last year.

This device comes with Google Assistant built-in, so you can check the weather each morning, stream music, and learn the answers to all of your  [Read More…]

Which Lenovo Chromebook should you buy?

Best answer: Lenovo sells an assortment of Chromebooks, but there are two models that really stand out: the rugged Chromebook 500e and the svelte Chromebook C330. Neither is too pricey, both perform great, and all you really need to do is decide if you like the thicker and tougher model or the thinner and lighter model.

Amazon: Lenovo Chromebook C330 ($ 239) Lenovo: Lenovo Chromebook 500e ($ 319) An easy decision

Sometimes you have to think really  [Read More…]

Lenovo Smart Tab P10 vs. Amazon Echo Show: Which should you buy?

We love smart home tech, and we use all types of voice assistant devices, from smart speakers to smart displays, to give you the best recommendations.

Lenovo Smart Tab P10


$ 350 at Amazon

Pros Doubles as a standalone tablet Dock is included Cons Unimpressive specs No Drop In calling (yet)

The Smart Tab P10 is a generic and unremarkable tablet on its own, but once you slide it into the included dock, it  [Read More…]

Protect your Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 with one of these cases

No matter how careful you are, accidents happen and a case can help prevent things such as scratches, drop damage, and the shattering of important pieces, like the camera lens. You might hesitate on that purchase since you don’t want to cover up the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3’s stylish exterior, but here are some equally fashionable cases to go along with it.

Quality and versatility Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 10 Inch Infiland Folio Leather Case

The Infiland leather  [Read More…]

Lenovo adds to smart home family with Smart Clock

Lenovo has helped Google lead the way with Smart Displays. They were an original partner with the new generation of visual smart home products. Now, Lenovo is back with a smaller version we’ve all been waiting for: The Lenovo Smart Clock.

Honestly, since Smart Displays were announced, I was disappointed that there wasn’t an Echo Spot version to use as an alarm clock. Lenovo has essentially solved this issue with Smart Clock. The new addition to the smart home is  [Read More…]

Lenovo Smart Clock is the Google Assistant alarm clock we always wanted

A bedside companion with a compelling price and compact size.

Lenovo is expanding its smart home offering with the new Smart Clock, a purpose-made bedside alarm clock that slots in well underneath the Lenovo Smart Display. With just a 4-inch screen, the Smart Clock is notably smaller than even the Google Home Hub — and in turn scales back its capabilities to match the simplified needs of a smart alarm clock for your bedroom. Plus, it’s just  [Read More…]

Lenovo just announced an Android phone with 12GB of RAM

It also features a slider design and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855.

Although Lenovo is associated pretty much exclusively with computers here in the U.S., the company’s also well-known for its smartphone business in other parts of the world. Most recently, Lenovo announced the Z5 Pro GT in China with a few headlining features — the most buzzworthy of which is its whopping 12GB of RAM.

That’s the most RAM we’ve yet to see in a smartphone, even beating  [Read More…]

These Lenovo Tab 10 cases provide both stylish form and function

You’ve got the tablet, and now it’s time to get the case. The Lenovo Tab A10 may be cheap as far as tablets are concerned, but it’s still worth protecting from drops and scrapes. If you’re looking for something to keep it nice and cozy, or maybe even safe from children, these options will do you just right.

Business Class DETUOSI Business Case

It has a striking design and would be mostly ordinary, except you can rotate the  [Read More…]

Lenovo Smart Display vs. LG XBOOM WK9: Which should you buy?

It’s now easier than ever to put together a smart home of your own, but with so many gadgets and gizmos out there, which ones are right for you? We’ve looked at dozens of devices to figure out which one is best for your new smart home.

Lenovo Smart Display

Our pick

$ 200 – $ 250 at B&H

Pros Comes in two sizes Super loud speaker Crisp, colorful display Lovely bamboo back on the 10-inch  [Read More…]