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Google Stadia now lets you buy games through browsers

Stadia keeps on improving.

What you need to know Google Stadia is a game streaming service that launched a few weeks ago. Beforehand, the store was limited to smartphone apps. Now you can buy games directly through the Stadia website. Just click on the tab and follow the prompts to pay for the game.

Beforehand Google Stadia relies on a smartphone app to let players buy games. However, that changed an hour ago. Now, you can go  [Read More…]

Theme Park lets you create custom themes for your Samsung phone

It’ll automatically craft a new theme for your phone using your current wallpaper.

What you need to know Theme Park is a new module for the Good Lock app. It allows you to make custom themes for your Samsung smartphone. The software automatically detects the palette of your current wallpaper and uses that as a base to come up with a new, customizable theme.

Samsung’s always been the king of customization in the Android world, and it’s  [Read More…]

Chrome now lets you use Google Lens when searching images

It appears to be for the mobile browser only.

What you need to know Google has integrated Lens with the Chrome browser on smartphones. It allows you to now scan images using Lens from within Chrome. You may have to manually enable it.

Google Lens is an incredibly useful tool when trying to identify something found in an image. As such, Google has made it a point to integrate it into as many different apps as possible.  [Read More…]

Latest WhatsApp update lets you control who can add you to a group

You can now exclude specific contacts with the help of the new “My Contacts Except” option under group chat privacy settings.

What you need to know WhatsApp has replaced the “Nobody” option under Privacy Settings for groups with a new “My Contacts Except” option. The new option lets users exclude specific contacts or “select all.” WhatsApp says the update is now rolling out to users across the globe on the latest version of the app.

In April  [Read More…]

eBay’s Black Friday Drops promotion lets you start your savings right now

It’s officially November which means it is Black Friday month. While the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend is still a few weeks away, a bunch of retailers are already kicking off their shopping spectaculars. Hot off the press this morning is eBay’s announcement of its “Black Friday Drops” promotion, offering new deals every Friday through early December with popular products like the iPhone 11, Nintendo Switch Lite, coffee machines, and more being discounted in limited quantity.

The  [Read More…]

Chrome 78 beta on desktop lets users send phone numbers to their phone

You don’t need to have the latest Chrome beta installed on your phone to be able to use the ‘Click to Call’ feature.

What you need to know Google is testing a new feature in Chrome beta v78 that lets users right click on a number and call it from their phone. When clicking on a hyperlinked phone number, users will be able to choose which device they want to call the number from. In addition to  [Read More…]

The Sonos Flex subscription plan lets you rent speakers

Only available in the Netherlands for now.

What you need to know The Sonos Flex subscription plan allows you to rent some of the most popular Sonos speakers. As part of the subscription, the speakers will be replaced with the latest models. It’s currently only available in the Netherlands as a pilot program.

Do you love high-quality audio but often find the price puts it out of your reach? If so, then a new trial program Sonos  [Read More…]

Google Photos now lets you manage your smart display with ‘Photo frames’

Manage what photos are shown on your smart display with this new shortcut.

What you need to know The Photo frames feature is rolling out to Google Photos. The new shortcut allows you to manage what photos and albums are shown on your smart display or connected TV. Photo frames is a feature that already existed, but it previously required you to dig into the Home app to find the settings.

We’re learning of a new feature  [Read More…]

Spotify now lets you add podcasts to music playlists

Mix and match your favorite music and podcasts.

What you need to know Spotify playlists now support adding podcasts. You can build a playlist entirely of podcasts or create a playlist featuring both music and podcasts. While you can listen to the playlists on mobile and desktop, currently you cannot create playlists with podcasts on the computer.

Spotify and playlists go together like peanut butter and jelly. It is one of the most popular features of the  [Read More…]

Vader Immortal: Episode II lets you use the force to throw people

You can use the force to throw opponents around in the new Vader Immortal: Episode II.

What you need to know Vader Immortal: Episode II was announced at Oculus Connect 6. The game allows you to use the force to throw people and objects. Vader Immortal: Episode II is available now.

Vader Immortal: Episode II was announced In the second half of the day one keynote of Oculus Connect 6. The new game allows users to use  [Read More…]