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Android P will remember volume levels for individual Bluetooth devices

Per-device volume levels will finally be a thing 🙏

There’s a lot to look forward to in Android P, and during next month’s Google I/O conference, we should get even more info on what to expect from the new software later this year. We already outlined some of our favorite features found in Android P so far, but it looks like another recently discovered one will make using Bluetooth speakers and headphones much more enjoyable.

As it  [Read More…]

Google Search will now alert users to pollen levels

Google Search will now integrate pollen forecasts.

Google Search has long been able to alert users of various weather conditions, from thunderstorms to flash foods and and everything in between. One more weather condition will be available for search starting today.

Google has announced that users will be able to search for pollen levels near their location. I tried this on my OnePlus 3T by searching for both “pollen levels” and “pollen forecast.” All this  [Read More…]

Google Maps’ Local Guides program gains additional levels, new ways to earn points

Local Guides in Google Maps just received a big update this week which adds more levels, and new ways of encouraging the community to contribute. If you haven’t heard of Local Guides before, this is a community-driven program that encourages users to update information in Google Maps by adding, modifying and reviewing places they visit […]

Google’s September security update has three patch levels

Google has broken the security patches down even further to make it easier for manufacturers.

For more than a year now, Google has been addressing security on Android through monthly updates. These updates are provided to Google’s partners 30 days before being released to Nexus, Pixel, and Android One hardware in hopes that all of Android can be more secure every month. Despite these efforts, many Android phones still lack regular security updates. September 6th marks  [Read More…]

The definitive list of Pokémon Go levels and unlockable items

What are all the levels and items in Pokémon Go?

If you’re out wandering the streets of your city playing Pokémon Go, desperate in your search for 100 Magikarp so you can evolve them to Gyarados, it’s best practice to have a few good items under your Trainer belt.

Each time you level up, you’re awarded with a few items, and they get better and better as you work your way up to level 20. You  [Read More…]

Color Switch: a colorful, timing-based puzzle for all skill levels [Review]

Summary Color Switch is a timing-based puzzle fit for all ages. It is frustratingly addicting and, if played for too long, will make you see spinning, colorful circles everywhere you look. Developer: Fortafy Games Price: Free (ad-supported and in-app purchases) Highlights Bright Colors Google Play Games integration Compare your scores to your friends Overview Color Switch

Sony’s latest SmartBand can monitor your heart rate and stress levels

Sony has announced the SmartBand 2, with the fitness tracker now featuring a heart rate monitor that can check your pulse, and even your stress levels in conjunction with the accelerometer. While it does not feature a display, the SmartBand 2 does offer customizable LEDs that you can use to configure between calls, messages and emails. The SmartBand 2 is compatible with all Android smartphones running Android 4.4 and above, and iOS devices running iOS 8.2 and  [Read More…]

Bubble Mania Valentine’s Day offers 300 levels of cute and colorful bobble popping


Just in time for the annual holiday for sweethearts and crushes comes another surefire hit from the gang over at TeamLava Games. Themed around the fast-approaching holiday, Bubble Mania Valentine’s Day is shooting up the charts, racking up the downloads. Why is this one trending? Spend a few minutes with it and you’ll see why.

They say:

Love is in the air, and the Bubble Wizard LOVES kidnapping babies  [Read More…]

T-Mobile’s Smartphone Equality levels playing for field for all credit scores


T-Mobile on Thursday introduced a new program that aims to give everyone the same chance at best available device prices. You know that credit score that’s been haunting you for the last few years? T-Mobile doesn’t care about that. All they wanna know is that you’ve been good with them for the last 12 months.

Called Smartphone Equality, it’s T-Mobile’s way of recognizing that you’re a good customer.  [Read More…]

Red Bull Racers updates with new winter levels and vehicles

Arcade racing game Red Bull Racers has added new levels and vehicles just in time for winter. The new levels present new challenges, adding realistic physics based on driving on ice and snow.