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How to improve your OnePlus 7 Pro battery life

The OnePlus 7 Pro’s display is bigger and better than any OnePlus phone before and the difference is dramatic. Unfortunately, the downside is a bit of a hit to battery life. Despite the rather hefty 4000mAh battery, you may find yourself looking for a charger on heavy days — but we have a bunch of tips and tricks that can help you extend your battery and stay away from the batteries and chargers for as long as possible.

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Larger than life! Where to find the oversized phone and more in Fortnite

The second week of Fortnite’s Season 9 challenges are here, and one of them will involve players visiting a variety of oversized items throughout the game. While the items themselves are big, finding them can be a bit difficult if you’re just exploring. Thankfully, we’ve done all of the hard work, so you can just get them and complete your challenge.

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Oculus Quest Battery Life

Best Answer: The Oculus Quest battery should last 2–3 hours depending on usage.

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One of the major questions in VR has been how long can standalone or wireless VR headsets run for. Since PC VR headsets have a dedicated power supply, they can run as long as you’d like. Once wireless solutions and PC-less  [Read More…]

How to extend the battery life on your Galaxy S6

With a brilliant display, powerful processor and plenty of software features, you may find yourself draining down the relatively small batteries on the Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 edge a bit faster than other phones, but that doesn’t mean the phone’s battery life is completely out of your control. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of it.

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How’s your battery life on the Galaxy S10e?

The affordable S10 model seems to be holding up quite well.

The Galaxy S10e, Samsung’s most affordable S10 variant, does a lot right for its relatively small price tag. Speaking of small, it also has the smallest battery capacity of the entire S10 family coming in at 3,100 mAh.

Despite its smaller nature, some of our AC forum members actually seem quite pleased with its performance.

wilsodw 04-26-2019 05:56 PM

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Here’s how good the Galaxy Note 9’s battery life is in the real world

Best answer: Samsung could finally tout a Note with battery life to match its size and capabilities thanks to the Note 9. It can go all day with a good amount of battery to spare, even if you make no attempt to change its behavior in the name of battery life. The only modern Galaxy phone that bests it is the latest and greatest Galaxy S10+, and the improvement isn’t huge.

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Take $20 off the Life NC Bluetooth headphones and cut out background noise

You can get up to 10 hours of life even with all the tech active.

The Anker Soundcore Life NC active noise-cancelling Bluetooth neckband headphones are down to $ 79.99 with code SCLIFE22 on Amazon. These headphones sell for $ 100 normally and have never dropped from that price directly. You would’ve needed a code like this in the past to get it this low.

Active and Passive Anker Soundcore Life NC Bluetooth headphones

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The new Moto G7 Power offers stunning battery life at a drop dead price

The perfect budget option for those looking to get more out of their device.

The Amazon-exclusive edition of the new Moto G7 Power smartphone features built-in Alexa at a stellar price of $ 249.99, though today Amazon Prime members can save $ 25 off its price for the first time ever. Having just been released early last month, this device has already received more than a few words of praise in a few pieces posted here at Android Central.  [Read More…]

The Soundcore Life 2 Gift Set has only been this inexpensive once before

Amazon usually sells the Soundcore Life 2 Gift Set for $ 110, but today, you can clip the on-page coupon to drop the cost to $ 89.99. That $ 20 discount brings the set down to a match of the best price in its history, which happened for the first time back in December. We haven’t seen a similar discount until today’s deal. You’re also saving about $ 20 compared to buying all the items separately.

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Nine tips to improve battery life on your smartwatch

Since the launch of smartwatches, one of the biggest complaints has been battery life. Some watches can last a day or two while others might be able to go several days on a charge. Regardless of whatever battery life you’re getting from your current watch, it could always be better.

We’ve gathered up some tips on how to extend the battery life on your watch. By using one or several of these you can increase the time your watch stays on  [Read More…]