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Seed4.Me VPN: A lifetime of safe browsing for all of your devices, just $40

Whether you’re concerned about security domestically or if you’re a frequent traveler, transmitting data over public Wi-Fi and mobile networks isn’t always the safest process. It’s far too easy to have someone eavesdrop on your activity or run into geo-based restrictions. A VPN, such as Seed.4Me, is the remedy to those and other problems.

A lifetime of peace of mind

With a lifetime subscription plan to Seed.4Me, you’ll have access to worry-free browsing and the ability to unlock territory-restricted content.  [Read More…]

ProjectDue: A lifetime business solution is yours for as low as $30

Starting a business, or even running one can be fairly easy when it’s just you. With nobody to train or manage, you know all there is to know about operations. But, things get more complex when you start adding employees into the mix.

How do you delegate duties and roles? What tools do you use for internal communication? How about managing current and prospective partners and clients?

ProjectDue is a complete business suite of features and tools designed to help  [Read More…]

Lifetime subscriptions to Rosetta Stone are $189 for Black Friday

Everyone has a bit of wanderlust in them, but one thing that holds many people back is the language barrier. Understanding the language of the country you’re visiting can give you the confidence to finally book your travel plans, and Rosetta Stone is here to help. In fact, you can get a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone this Black Friday for just $ 189.

Rosetta Stone is an award-winning language learning service that uses practical exercises to teach you  [Read More…]

Insane price alert! Pay just $39 for lifetime 2TB ThunderDrive cloud storage

Here’s a question for you: where do you keep your music, important photos, and documents? Please tell us that you’re not storing it in one place.

Smart people backup files to at least one other place. Really smart people keep things in a variety of spots. Google Drive and Google Photos are convenient and really helpful, but it’s not without potential problems or hiccups.

What happens when you get close to filling up your allotted storage space? Before you break  [Read More…]

Get a lifetime of BizPlan’s slick and intuitive software and tools for just $49

How many business ideas do you think started out on the back of a napkin? Don’t answer that, it’s rhetorical. The point is all of the products, services, and tools that we regularly use went through numerous phases of development, often starting out with a simple sketch, bullet point list, or a bunch of thrown-together ideas.

A written record of concepts, thoughts, action items, tasks, and goals is paramount to any good business. That’s where roadmaps, collaboration, and feedback come  [Read More…]

You can get 5TB of lifetime cloud storage for only $100 today

The vast majority of owned computers are laptops, but one of their main drawbacks are their limited storage space. You can either upgrade your hard drive or buy an external one, but if you love downloading movies or apps, you’ll be short on space eventually. Modern problems require modern solutions, and the best solution is cloud storage. In fact, you can buy up to 5TB of lifetime storage (i.e., no subscription fees) for just $ 99.99.

Polar Backup is  [Read More…]

Get a lifetime of Disconnect VPN for as low as $20

If you’re still surfing the web without the protection of a VPN, you’re leaving your devices open to an increasingly large number of powerful cyber attacks that can compromise everything from your browsing history to your banking information.

But not all VPNs are created equal. Disconnect VPN is an award-winning service that protects your devices without compromising your browsing speed, and a lifetime subscription for five devices is available for over 90% off at just $ 39.99.

This  [Read More…]