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Pixel 4 fabric cases leak with thicker weave and new light blue color

More colors could also launch.

What you need to know Renders of the new Pixel 4 fabric cases have leaked. The cases will come in black, gray, and a new light blue color. The fabric used this year is a thicker weave.

Google will officially announce the Pixel 4 smartphones on October 15 at its Made by Google event. With there being only one more day before the event and the phone thoroughly leaking weeks ago, you  [Read More…]

Can I use my Destiny 2 character in New Light?

Best answer: Absolutely! Returning players with old characters get access to all of the free content that Destiny 2: New Light brings.

Latest expansion: Destiny 2: Shadowkeep ($ 35 at PlayStation Store) Previous expansion: Destiny 2: Forsaken ($ 25 at PlayStation Store) What is Destiny 2: New Light?

Destiny 2: New Light is the free-to-play version of the game that includes the bulk of Destiny 2’s content offering, including the following:

All Year 1 story content (Vanilla  [Read More…]

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep and New Light are Destiny 3 and that’s OK

Yearly sequels are something that big publishers want, but that hasn’t worked for Destiny.

In a recent ViDoc from Bungie, we got a good indication what the next five years of Destiny will look like, and nothing in that five-year plan suggests Destiny 3 is coming soon. Bungie is going all-in with Destiny 2 as a Massively Multiplayer game, and though we see some pushback from gamers, this is a good thing for all Guardians.

Bungie is  [Read More…]

Here’s where to find and light up Bat Signals in Fortnite

This is a straightforward mission with three targets.

Another crossover event is upon the world of Fortnite, this time with Batman landing in the game. As is the tradition with a new crossover event, some new challenges have been included, and one of them has players searching out and lighting three Bat Signals outside of the in-game Gotham City. Finding the Bat Signals can be a bit tricky, so we’ve narrowed down where you’ll need to focus  [Read More…]

You won’t be able to disable the status light on Nest cameras anymore

Going forward, you’ll only be able to dim the status light on your Nest cameras.

What you need to know Google is getting rid of the option to disable the status light on all Nest and Dropcam cameras. The status light will always be on when a Nest or Dropcam camera is recording. You’ll be able to dim the light from settings, but there will always be a visual indicator when the camera is on.

Google made  [Read More…]

Do I need a blue light filter for my Kindle Paperwhite?

Best answer: Yes. The Amazon Paperwhite is one of the least intrusive blue-light e-readers available on the market. However, it does still use one for back-lighting and can cause irritation and disrupt your sleep cycle. A simple stick-on filter or pair of specialty glasses can help put your eyes at ease.

Stick-on solution: Dadanism screen protector ($ 11 at Amazon) Stylish eye-care: Magic Jing glasses ($ 20 at Amazon) Do I need a blue light filter for  [Read More…]

Sky: Children of the Light comes to Android soon

You can pre-register to play the latest title from thatgamecompany on Android right now.

What you need to know Sky: Children of the Light is the newest game from thatgamecompany. thatgamecompany are the developers of titles such as Journey and Flower. You can pre-register to play Sky: Children of the Light on Android right now.

Sky: Children of the Light is a game in which players can soar through different dreams, meeting, hanging  [Read More…]

LG Gram 14 review: Light as a feather, strong as a bull

As phones get bigger and bigger, more people are opting against carrying a secondary device with a large screen. Tablets, in theory, are fantastic because they offer more screen real estate and that helps a ton if you’re looking to get some work done, but don’t want to be tied down to a desk.

We recently took a look at the Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (2018) and really enjoyed what was possible with the device. Everything from video editing to  [Read More…]

Destiny 2: New Light — The whole new way to play Destiny 2

Aimed at new players, New Light is set to become the easiest way into the Destiny mythos.

Now that Bungie is no longer beholden to Activision, they have been looking at new ways to bring people into the Destiny fold, as well as entice back some of those who have left for other games. Along with a huge new expansion called Shadowkeep that promises to fundamentally change how Destiny 2 plays, Bungie also announced New Light, an  [Read More…]

The ZenFone 6 designs that never saw the light of day

From dual sliders to offset notches and removable modules, these are the designs ASUS considered before settling on the ZenFone 6.

One of the most fascinating parts of a phone’s design process is the concept drawing stage, where a manufacturer first experiments with ideas before deciding on a firm design and feature set. Ahead of today’s ASUS ZenFone 6 launch, we visited the company’s headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan, to get an early look at the finished article, as well  [Read More…]