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Google brings its parental control Family Link service to Canada

The service is also available in Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and the U.S.

After debuting almost a year ago for families in the U.S., Google is bringing its Family Link service to Canada. Given that nearly half of grade four students in Canada have access to a smartphone during the day, Family Link’s debut is coming at a good time.

The idea is pretty simple: kids want to use the internet in some form, be it on  [Read More…]

Google Home can link to specific Netflix profiles based on your voice

Now your Google Home knows who’s watching what on Netflix.

The Google Home was an awesome smart speaker when it first launched in late 2016, but it was made even better last August with support for multiple users based on voice recognition. This made the Google Home a much more viable option for homes with multiple people, and now it’s getting even better with Netflix integration.

If you already have multiple profiles set up with your Google  [Read More…]

Google Family Link is now invite-free for parents in the U.S.

After being announced as an invite-only service in March, Family Link can now be used by any and all parents in the U.S.

Back in March, Google officially introduced Family Link — a suite of parental controls that aimed to help make raising your kids in the 21st century just a little bit easier. Family Link could only be accessed with an invitation when it first launched, but today, Google is making the service available for everyone  [Read More…]

Latest Windows 10 insider build lets you link your Android to your PC

Linked phones can send web pages to a PC, and more features are coming.

During the Microsoft Build conference, we learned that Microsoft was working on clever ways to link your phone with your Windows 10 PC. The latest insider build kicks off the first step with some cross-browser magic that lets you send a web page from your phone right to the big screen.

Users on the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16251 for PC now have a  [Read More…]

Google Family Link finally brings broad parental controls to Android phones

Parents will soon have new tools to manage their child’s phone access.

Google is making a huge step toward letting families manage Google accounts and phones of children in the house, moving well beyond Google Play Family Library. Family Link is Google’s new system for parents to create Google accounts for minors (under 13 years old, officially) who technically can’t have their own accounts, and when attached to an Android phone the parents get all sorts of great tools  [Read More…]

With Family Link, Google is finally giving parents some much-needed help

I’m not asking Google to raise my kid. I just want all the help I can get when it comes to them learning the ins and outs of living online.

There’s a tendency to look at Google’s newly announced “Family Link” program and scoff. And rightly so. On one hand it’s very much the sort of family account we parents have been asking for for years.

To recap: This is a legit way to get your under-13  [Read More…]

Hyundai’s Blue Link service picks up Google Assistant integration

OK Google, start my car.

Hyundai was one of the first car manufacturers to roll out Android Auto back in 2015, and now the company is now announcing Google Assistant integration for its Blue Link connected car service. Hyundai cars connected via Blue Link can be remotely locked or unlocked, and owners can adjust the car’s temperature remotely through the Blue Link app on Android and iOS. The service also supports Google Maps, and comes with a  [Read More…]

Beware of fake Prisma Android apps: Here’s the legit Google Play link

Looking for the Android version of Prisma? Make sure you don’t download a fake.

Did you hear? The unique, artistic photo-filtering app Prisma is now available on Android. But in the early days of the app’s availability on the Play Store, you might be having a hard time tracking down a legitimate Prisma download.

That’s because, at the time of writing, the app’s still relatively new on Google Play, and as such Google’s servers are still  [Read More…]

How to get the Huawei stainless steel link bracelet look for less

You can get a stainless steel bracelet for the Huawei Watch without breaking the bank.

The original bracelet from Huawei is a timeless accessory for your new favorite timepiece, the Huawei Watch, but at a whopping $ 129 it might not be the price you’re prepared to pay. If it’s still the look you just can’t be without, we’ve got options that will give the real thing a run for its money.

Hoco Huawei watch stainless  [Read More…]

Google Keep adds link previews and autocomplete for grocery lists

If you’re a fan of using Google Keep to stay organized, you have some nifty features to look forward to in the note taking app’s latest update. Once updated, the app will show you link previews in your notes, help you more quickly complete grocery lists, and more.

As shown by Google, link previews operate much as you’d expect, offering a small card with a bit of context under any link you paste. Meanwhile,  [Read More…]