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How to watch the iPhone (2018) event: Live at 10:00 AM PT on Sept. 12!

iPhone Xs? iPhone X Max? iPhone Xc? Find out the truth about the name at this year’s iPhone event.

Every September, Apple launches a new iPhone and usually one or two additional new devices. This year, we already know we’re going to see two updated (and new sized) versions of the iPhone X, as well as the Apple Watch Series 4, but will Apple bring any other goodies to the party?

Apple iPhone (2018) Event Preview

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Can you fly a drone where you live? Find out!

Best answer: AirMap for Drones can help your quickly see if your location is outside any permanent restrictions and temporary restrictions that pop up around special events or around travelling dignitaries. It can also tell you which airport operator or air traffic controller to report flight plans to if you want to fly within certain range of private or minucipal airports.

Google Play: AirMap for Drones (Free)

What to look for when reading AirMap

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NBA 2K19 vs. NBA Live ’19: Which should you buy?

This is David vs. Goliath all over again.

There are few other battles in sports gaming more fierce than the one between the two big NBA games. We’re talking about NBA 2K19 and NBA Live ’19, authentic options coming from 2K Sports and EA Sports, respectively.

This rivalry has been ugly ever since it sparked up way back when on the Sega Dreamcast. It’s largely been in 2K’s favor to date, including one especially dark time for  [Read More…]

9 Android apps that power my work, my wonder, and my will to live

I can’t live without my phone, but I especially can’t live without these apps.

Few items have become as essentially to our everyday lives as our smartphones, but what makes our smartphones so vital isn’t the hardware itself, it’s the software it runs. The apps and the services our smartphones serve up to use turn these slabs of glass and metal into tools of productivity, procrastination, and mass communication. Everyone has a different set of apps that  [Read More…]

Galaxy Note 9 pre-orders are now live!

Live in the U.S. or Canada? Here’s what you need to know about buying the Galaxy Note 9!

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 is here, and as you probably know by now, there’s a lot to get excited about. The all-new S Pen is more powerful than ever before, the cameras are shaping up to be the best we’ve seen from Samsung to-date, and the massive 4,000 mAh battery should be perfect for road-warriors.

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Watch the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launch event: Live Aug 9 at 11:00 a.m. ET!

The new S Pen-toting flagship is ready to burst onto the scene.

It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for since the Galaxy S9 was announced: the Galaxy Note 9’s launch event. The Note fans among us have had August 9 circled on the calendar for weeks now, and it’s finally time to see the successor to the phone that’s in so many pockets today.

We’re always interested in the spectacle that is a Samsung launch event.

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Android 9 Pie becomes official and goes live for Pixels today

It looks like the rumors were off, and Google is releasing the latest version of the Android OS, Android 9 Pie, today. Amongst all the possible names we’ve heard it seems as though the company is merely going with Pie. Not the worst we’ve heard. After the past few months of betas, the official version is available today for many devices.

This official version of Pie comes just under two weeks from the last developer preview we received. Today’s date  [Read More…]

How to watch the live Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Unpacked event

The biggest smartphone announcement of this summer is just a few days away. Samsung is getting ready to unveil the Galaxy Note 9 flagship during an Unpacked event in New York on August 9.

The press conference starts on 11 am EDT, local New York time on Thursday. Now if you’re curious about the Galaxy Note 9, you should know you can easily tune in and watch the livestream on YouTube.

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Asus ZenFone 5Z and ZenFone Live now available in the U.S.

The phones cost $ 499 and $ 109, respectively.

Asus has a couple new Android handsets up for sale in the United States starting today, including the ZenFone 5Z and Android Go-powered ZenFone Live. The 5Z is definitely the more exciting of the bunch, so let’s touch on that one first.

The ZenFone 5Z is Asus’s flagship phone for 2018, and in regards to both price and features, is a direct competitor with the OnePlus 6. There’s  [Read More…]

ASUS Zenfone Live (L1) is a new Android Go phone, available in the US

The Android Go family is expanding in the US. After the likes of Nokia, Alcatel, ZTE and Motorola, ASUS too has unveiled a new smartphone that runs Google’s stripped-down version of Android. The device is called the ASUS Zenfone Live (L1) and is available for purchase from Best Buy for only $ 109.99.

Android Go is comprised of three optimized main areas: the operating system, Google Play Store and Google apps. These have been reinterpreted in order to provide a  [Read More…]