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How much local storage do you use on your phone?

The constant battle of cloud vs. local.

Now more than ever, phones are shipping with larger storage configurations and getting rid of 16 and 32GB variants. Seeing 64GB of internal storage slowly become the new norm is pretty exciting, and with Samsung already producing a mobile chip with 512GB, we’re now living in the best time for saving local files on our mobile devices.

But then again, do we really need all of that space?

So much  [Read More…]

Google is making it easier to discover local events in India

Google wants to help you plan your weekend.

Google is rolling out an update to its mobile search platform in India through which you can easily find popular events in your city. The search giant issued a similar update in the U.S. back in May, and in India the company is pulling information from the likes of BookMyShow, AllEvents, EventsHigh, 10times, and more.

For instance, if you type, “show me events in Hyderabad,” you’ll see a  [Read More…]

Google Maps’ Local Guides program gains additional levels, new ways to earn points

Local Guides in Google Maps just received a big update this week which adds more levels, and new ways of encouraging the community to contribute. If you haven’t heard of Local Guides before, this is a community-driven program that encourages users to update information in Google Maps by adding, modifying and reviewing places they visit […]

Google’s new Local Guides points system makes leaving reviews worth your time

Whether you’re a traveler or a homebody, the Google-led app rewards handsomely for leaving recommendations.

Google Local Guides were introduced in 2014 to help foster a giant community of local reviewers who just know where all the best stuff is. When you sign up to be a Local Guide, every contribution helps you rack up points towards unlocking other elements of the service inside Google Maps. Over the next few days, Google  [Read More…]

How to set up local multiplayer in Star Trek: Bridge Crew

This is the best way to enjoy local Star Trek: Bridge Crew matches.

Some of us want nothing more than to put on our Starfleet uniform, head into a room with four VR headsets and three similarly dressed friends, and play Star Trek: Bridge Crew all day. That doesn’t really work out well in reality for several reasons, not the least of which is actually putting four VR headsets in a large enough room can be complicated  [Read More…]

Traveling to India? Here’s how you can pick up a local SIM card

A local SIM card is essential to staying connected in India.

India’s handset market is seeing a meteoric rise thanks to an influx of affordable devices and wide availability of 4G data, and with the country becoming a mobile-first market, having a local SIM card is mandatory for accessing the plethora of digital services available.

A local number comes in handy not just for staying connected, but also for undertaking basic tasks like payments and money  [Read More…]

Chinese manufacturers dominate in India as local handset makers retreat

Chinese manufacturers have all the momentum in the world’s fastest-growing smartphone market.

Chinese brands now account for over 46% of the smartphone market in India, with the likes of Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, and Lenovo pushing out local handset makers. According to data compiled by Canalys, 28.1 million smartphones were shipped in Q4 2016, with Samsung taking the number one spot. Samsung has the lion’s share of the market at 22%, followed by Xiaomi at 11%, and OPPO  [Read More…]

YouTube starts highlighting local content in India

Get ready to see more content in regional languages on YouTube.

In a bid to localise further, YouTube will start showing more local content to users in India. The service will automatically determine your preferred language based on your watch history, user interface language, and location. Once it does so, it will start highlighting recommendations in that language on your home page as well as the trending page.

YouTube will pull local content from Bengali,  [Read More…]

Amazon brings local NBC news reports to Echo’s Flash Briefing

Thanks to its latest update, Amazon Echo can fill you in on your local news through its Flash Briefing feature. Available in a number of metropolitan areas, local news is now available courtesy of various NBC local news stations.

Says Amazon:

You can now get local news for a dozen major metropolitan areas as part of your Flash Briefing. NBC local news stations offer stories from the Bay Area, New York, Chicago, and more.

You can add  [Read More…]

LeEco seeks exemption from local sourcing norms in India

LeEco is the latest vendor to approach the Indian government to seek an exemption to the mandatory local sourcing norms. For a foreign entity to set up shop in India, the government dictates that at least 30% of the materials be sourced locally. Companies manufacturing state-of-the-art goods are eligible for an exemption, which is what vendors like Xiaomi and Apple have leveraged to get the government to waive off its sourcing norms.

In a statement to  [Read More…]