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EE announces 16 UK launch locations for 2019 5G rollout

You’ve probably heard of EE — they’re the largest mobile carrier in the UK, and part of the even larger holding company BT Group. Earlier today, the company announced which UK cities will be included in the initial rollout of its upcoming 5G network next year.

Though there’s no word on exactly when we can expect the first 5G sites to switch on, there will be six cities included in the initial 2019 launch: London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast,  [Read More…]

T-Mobile offers a free network trial in select locations across the US

Do you live in Boston, MA or Austin, TX or Atlanta, GA? If you do, we have an interesting piece of news to share with you.

T-Mobile is giving you the opportunity to experience its network for free for up to 30 days or up to 30GB of data (whichever comes first).

To take advantage of the offer you will have to sign up online to receive a small trial device that needs to be connected to your phone. There  [Read More…]

Google’s bringing free, high-speed Wi-Fi to 60+ locations across Mexico

Over 100 areas will be supported by the end of 2018.

After launching first in India and Indonesia, Google is now bringing its Google Station program to Mexico.

Google Station launched back in 2015, and its goal is to offer people Internet access that’s fast, free, and reliable. Google says it’ll first be rolling out its Station hotspots across 60 different venues in Mexico, including malls, airports, and public transit stations, but it hopes to expand this  [Read More…]

Latest Street View guide lets you explore the locations behind Game of Thrones

Take a look at the real-world filming locations of Game of Thrones with Street View.

Can’t get enough of Game of Thrones? You can now explore Westeros with Google’s latest Street View guide. The guide details real-world filming locations for Winterfell (shot in Scotland), the Iron Islands, King’s Landing, Dothraki Sea, Arena of Meereen, and other iconic scenes from the show.

Some of the notable locations include:

Winterfell – Filmed at Doune Castle in the Stirling  [Read More…]

Google Maps picks up update that lets you make/share lists of cool locations

Just last week Google Maps received an update which allowed it to deliver real-time traffic info. Well today the app is getting a new one which adds a nifty option – making lists of cool places you can and then share them with the people you care about. Did you read about a new club […]

You can now mark your favorite locations with colorful stickers in Google Maps

Google Maps users have new options for navigating their way to their destinations. Google is adding colorful stickers that can be used to label and save addresses on the Maps app, such as home and work locations.

The stickers themselves include representations of regular houses or buildings, but there are also more esoteric choices such as igloos, treehouses and even submarines. Google says:

To save home and work addresses and other destinations, just make sure  [Read More…]

Worms 4 makes its way to Google Play with new locations, weapon upgrades and more

Worms 4 is the latest release from Team 17 Digital Limited, and if you are looking for something new to play you’ll want to check it out. From the variety of new weapons and weapon upgrades to the five new locations and daily challenges, you are looking at hours of fun here.

You can customize your character to help you get around and through the various obstacles placed in your way, and much more.

[Read More…]

Verizon and AT&T to roll out mini-stores inside Best Buy locations across the country

Both Verizon and AT&T have announced that they are rolling out their own mini-stores within Best Buy outlets. The carriers will be represented in a similar fashion to the Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft experience setups that are currently in Best Buy locations throughout the country.

HERE app updates offline maps for Brazil, Barcelona and more locations

HERE app users can download a major update to its offline maps data, with “millions of changes” for locations around the world. Some of the bigger changes can be found for the country of Brazil and the city of Barcelona, Spain.

FEMA app update gives you severe weather alerts for up to five locations

Keeping up with weather alerts for your friends and families locations just got easier with the updated FEMA app.

Severe weather is no joke, and trying to keep informed of the weather conditions your friends and family in various locations are facing is not as easy as some would like. FEMA has just released an update to their Android app which brings the ability to receive severe weather notifications for five different locations within the US.  [Read More…]