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Now you can interact with Cortana from your Android lock screen

Microsoft’s answer to the Google Assistant, Alexa and company – Cortana – has been available on Android devices for a while. On Monday, the Redmond-based company announced the additional of new feature and improvements for Cortana on Android – many of which have been expressly requested by users. Previously in order to have access to […]

BlackBerry KEYone vs. BlackBerry Priv: Lock, stock and mobile

BlackBerry Mercury morphs into the KEYone, and the Priv is still all about your privilege. Which one is better for you, though?

There are only two Android-based BlackBerrys with keyboards, and while they share a few key features, at their cores they couldn’t be more different.

The BlackBerry Priv has been available since November of 2015, so it’s certainly not the newest cat around, but for all its quirks it did a lot of things right —  [Read More…]

How to enable lock screen notifications on the Huawei Mate 9

Here’s how to add app notifications to the Huawei Mate 9 lock screen and fix one of the phone’s biggest out-of-the-box issues.

I really like the Huawei Mate 9. It’s a great phone with a lot of things going for it. But one of the things that, by default, is missing from the phone is lock screen notifications — those incredibly useful cards that let you know, when you turn on the display, what’s coming through.

By  [Read More…]

Microsoft is finally testing Cortana for your lock screen!

“Hey Cortana, catch up to Google Assistant.”

Microsoft’s progress with Cortana for Android has been slow, but undeniably constant. As voice services go Cortana is arguably more capable than Assistant or Siri, but the implementation on Android hasn’t been complete enough to ever seriously consider replacing Google’s services. It’s an uphill climb for Microsoft, especially now that Google’s Assistant is coupled with Google Home as a more complete solution, but the next big step has finally arrived  [Read More…]

New Galaxy S8 render gives us the first look at the phone’s lock screen

Yesterday we shared with you a bunch of Galaxy S8 renders which seem to confirm a few things about the upcoming flagship. Today, MobileFun.co.uk has another one for us. Case maker Olixar has shared a very graphic image of the yet to be released Galaxy S8 edge, encased in a FlexiShield protective cover. As you

Installing the August Smart Lock is as easy as locking the door [How-To]

During the last few weeks we have been doing a series on how to make your analog home “smart”. We have covered things like controlling your Thermostat, controlling lights and appliances with WeMo, and using Hue to set the mood. There is one major piece missing from your smart home that we have not covered,

Unlock your Chromebook using your Android phone with Smart Lock

While the idea that Android is the key to the future is debatable, it can easily be a key to your Chromebook.

Here is a cool Chromebook feature some of us didn’t know about: you can use the Smart Lock feature on your Android phone to enable Smart Lock on your Chromebook! Once set up, as long as your phone is in Bluetooth range, instead of needing to use your password to unlock your CHromebook you  [Read More…]

Amazon’s Moto G4 with lock screen ads has a locked bootloader

Amazon is selling a variant of the Moto G4 exclusively for Prime members for $ 149, a discount of $ 50 on the phone’s retail price. The caveat is that the phone comes loaded with lock screen ads delivered by Amazon, and according to a Motorola support document, a locked bootloader.

From Motorola:

Bootloader unlock codes are not available from Moto or Amazon for the Prime Exclusive Moto G (4th Gen.) devices.

The relevant thread on  [Read More…]

Best Android lock screen and lock screen replacement apps

What’s the best lock screen app for Android?

For most folks, the standard Android lock screen is just fine. For some, however, it’s not quite customizable enough. For those people, there are lock screen replacement apps that allow you to tweak the way you see the time, notifications, the layout, and much more.

Here are a few of our favorites.

ZUI Locker AcDisplay Start Lock Screen Echo Notification Locker Master Iphone Lock

ZUI Locker-Elegant Lock  [Read More…]

Amazon to subsidize phones by showing adverts on the lock screen

Amazon may have just taken it a step too far: news has it that they will display adverts on upcoming phones and ship them with pre-install apps. The adverts will be numerous and will display on the lock screen, the most viewed part of your phone. The adverts are not much different from the ads