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Smart lock screen security options in Android 5.0 Lollipop

Smartly unlock your device

When Google first showed off what would become Android 5.0 Lollipop at Google I/O 2014, they gave us a sneak peak of what it had in store for the new Smart locks. During the keynote presentation the Trusted devices Smart lock was shown off. Now that we have the official builds of Lollipop on our devices, we can use the three new Smart Lock options — Trusted face, Trusted places, and Trusted  [Read More…]

Using Smart Lock on the Chrome OS dev channel

The first step toward Chrome OS and Android working together in harmony

We got a glimpse back at Google I/O at the upcoming coziness between Chrome OS and Android, and beyond limited cross-platform app compatibility one of the first signs of this tie-up is Smart Lock. This is the sought-after feature that keeps your Chromebook unlocked so long as its within Bluetooth range of your phone running Lollipop, and even though its currently limited to the  [Read More…]

Microsoft updates Next Lock Screen with local weather info and more

Microsoft has updated its Android-exclusive app Next Lock Screen in the Play Store with a few new features this week, including a way to check the weather from a smartphone user’s local location.

Snapchat is clamping down on third-party apps, threatens to lock accounts

Snapchat has a had a rough few weeks in terms of security. People’s photos were allegedly stolen and posted online recently through the use of a third-party apps. Those apps used reversed-engineered APIs to access the service, which creates a significant vulnerability in account security.

Now, the company appears to be taking a hardline against the practice by sending out emails to those who have been utilizing third-party apps.

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Meet SnapLock, the lock screen app that learns your rhythm

snaplock app

We know you are busy. Really busy. And you turn towards your phone to increase your productivity. But in the end, it becomes one of the biggest reason for your unproductiveness. It will continue to be the same until your phone starts to learn more about you. Sounds ridiculous? Then SnapLock will leave you in amazement.

SnapLock is a basic, down-to-the-ground lockscreen app (Unlike  [Read More…]

Verizon LG G3 update adds camera access from lock screen

Verizon is rolling out a 201 MB update to the LG G3 which adds camera button access on the lock screen, along with a handful of other performance enhancements.

FBI wants you to lock up data, but allow tech companies to keep the keys

FBI Director James Comey expresses deep concern about the new encryption technologies that Apple had built into the release of iOS 8 and Google will implement with the forthcoming launch of Android L. These new encryption methods are designed to keep data safe and for tech companies to avoid the uncomfortable position of being compelled to hand over private personal data to law enforcement officials. However, Comey says that this move could thwart the fight and  [Read More…]

HTC Lock Screen app arrives in Google Play

HTC has today made their lock screen app available via Google Play. The Sense 6 lock screen app is available for newer HTC devices and will allow for much easier updates, the first of which will keep users from “unintentionally triggering factory reset.” The lock screen allows you to swipe right for BlinkFeed, left for Widget Home or up to previously used app.

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The Showear: Android Wear Lock app gives your smartwatch a lock screen [‘Watch’ This App]

One of the reasons smartwatches are great is because they have so many of the same features as Android phones. However, smartwatches don’t come with the option of having a lock on your watch. Showear: Android Wear lock corrects this problem by giving users a lock screen that not only protects your watch from unwanted users,… Read more »

The post The Showear: Android Wear Lock app gives your smartwatch a lock screen [‘Watch’ This App] appeared first  [Read More…]

How to customize the lock screen on the LG G3

LG lets you tweak the G3 lock screen to get it just how you want it

As far as lock screens go LG has long made some of the better OEM efforts. That trend continues with the new G3 and it doesn’t end with what you see out of the box. There are a bunch of different options available to tailor your G3 lock screen experience from wallpapers to widgets via app shortcuts.

It’s incredibly simple  [Read More…]