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This is what the DOJ will look for in its antitrust claims against Google

The DOJ will be investigating exclusivity, coordination, and privacy concerns.

What you need to know Makan Delrahim detailed some ways that the DOJ will look into tech giants at an antitrust conference. The investigation will cover several aspects, including buying up competition to stifle innovation and his “no economic sense” test. Stock prices have taken a dip for the tech companies following the news of the antitrust probe.

Not too long ago, we covered how the U.S.  [Read More…]

Early latency tests don’t look great for Stadia

Project xCloud may have almost the same input lag as playing at home.

What you need to know “Project xCloud” is Microsoft’s upcoming game streaming service. At E3 2019, everyone could test it out by streaming a game 400 miles away. An analysis says xCloud only exhibited 67 ms of input lag which is almost the same as playing on an Xbox One. March’s Stadia analysis saw 166 ms of input lag.

At E3 2019, Microsoft is  [Read More…]

This is apparently our first look at the Google Pixel 4

That rear camera housing could hold at least two sensors.

What you need to know These leaked CAD renders showcase what’s supposedly the Pixel 4. The phone will have at least two rear cameras. We’re also expecting an in-screen fingerprint sensor and a display notch.

Google’s Pixel phones have had a tendency to be among the most-leaked in the industry, that point being especially true with last year’s Pixel 3. Now on June 10 — likely four  [Read More…]

These $150 Bluetooth 5.0 headphones sport USB-C and a stylish look

Urbanears’ first over-the-ear headphones do a lot of things right.

Back in March, a company called Urbanears reached out to me and asked if I wanted to review its Plattan 2 Bluetooth headphones. I’d never heard of Urbanears before, but I accepted, tried the headphones out, and came away pleasantly surprised.

A few months later, Urbanears has returned with the Pampas — its first over-the-ear headphones that promise to deliver a premium experience for a fraction of  [Read More…]

Look out: Android Q Beta 4 update failing for some Pixel owners

What you need to know Android Q Beta 4 is failing to install for many Pixel 3 owners. Phone either fails to boot or dumps into recovery mode. Force rebooting, sometimes with recovery mode, can revert to Beta 3.

The fourth version of the Android Q beta was just released, and OTA updates already started pushing out to Pixel owners who were enrolled in the beta program. But this one isn’t heading out as smoothly as the first  [Read More…]

OPPO gives us a first look at its in-display camera tech

OPPO is set to launch its first phone with an in-display selfie camera module this year.

What you need to know OPPO is working on an phone with the camera embedded in the display. The teaser gives us a first look at how the camera is integrated into the panel. The first phone with an embedded camera is likely to debut sometime later this year.

In-display fingerprint sensors are now common, with even budget phones offering the  [Read More…]

Nreal’s $499 mixed reality glasses look just like regular sunglasses

With 1080p projection and a sleek design, the Nreal Light is the best option yet for customer-grade mixed reality glasses.

What you need to know Nreal Light mixed reality glasses project a 1080p image to each eye with a 52-degree field-of-view. The key selling point is the design: the Light looks like ordinary sunglasses. At $ 499, it’s also one of the most affordable options around. Going on sale later this year, developer edition launching today for  [Read More…]

Look closely! How to find Fortnite’s Battle Star in Week 3 Loading Screen

The third week of Fortnite’s Season 9 challenges are here, and after players complete all of them, they’ll be able to go looking for another Battle Star, the location of which is hidden in the loading screen you can see above. While the picture above may show what looks to be some dogs enjoying their day, the drawing on the cement shows the location of the star, which can be found in the far corners of the map.

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‘Minecraft Earth’ revealed: A look at Microsoft’s ambitious AR mobile game

We caught a glimpse at Microsoft’s upcoming AR game “Minecraft Earth” and came away stunned.

Augmented reality (AR) in mobile gaming has nowhere near reached its peak, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some major players out there. Most notably perhaps is Niantic, creators of Pokemon Go and now, Wizards Unite, based on the Harry Potter franchise. While Microsoft already has a massive presence in mobile gaming, indeed, with Minecraft itself, Redmond is exploring what comes next  [Read More…]

(Video) First look: Uno, the magnetic cross-device USB type C cable

We’ve had a ton of cool products come into the shop across the years, but for some reason, I remain obsessed with high-quality USB cables. I suppose it’s because I use at least one every day, but there’s nothing quite like a good cable that can stand up to the test of time.

This leads to a bit of a problem because there are three major standards out there today, micro USB, USB type-C, and Lightning. With over a dozen  [Read More…]