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Sculpt and tone your body (or lose weight) with Skulpt Chisel

The quantified self is of ever-increasing to many people. Wearable fitness trackers have helped a lot with that movement but they can’t tell you anything about the actual progress that you’re making with all of your jogging and other working out that you’re tracking with your smartwatch. That’s where the Skulpt Chisel comes in. The Skulpt

Never lose your belongings again with the ANKR Smart Tracker

There are many of us who lose track of our keys, purses, wallets, and other valuable items. Face it, keeping track of everything sometimes isn’t an easy task for some of us. Luckily technology can help us solve that problem. Today’s AndroidGuys deal of the day brings you the ANKR Smart Tracker for $ 18.99 with free

Plantronics BackBeat GO 3 review: Lose the wires but not the cash

Wireless earphones are a dime a dozen, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to choose one. On the contrary, making sure that you nab a hit instead of a miss can take some know-how. We’re hoping that we can help on that front with our headphone coverage. I was glad to accept one such

Try not to lose your mind with Tap Tap Egg (App Review)

There are tons of frustrating games on the Play Store. From Flappy Bird to Timberman, games that not only annoy us, but become addictive are all the craze. I have spent countless hours, yes hours, playing Flappy Bird and Timberman, competing with my friends and those on the Google Leaderboards.

Tap Tap Egg has the potential to be another one of those frustrating, yet addictive, games. The premise of Tap Tap egg is simple. Tap the egg, make it in the  [Read More…]

Google Voice customers will lose features when switching to Google Fi

Google's Project Fi

Engadget has reported that Google’s upcoming cellular service, Fi, lacks Voice features, including calls, texting, and voicemail within Talk, Voice, and Obihai. However, these options are available currently in Hangouts, as long as you have them turned on, in addition to call forwarding and voicemail transcripts. It’s possible that these features will come to Fi in time.

That’s not all to the new service. AndroidCentral has made it clear  [Read More…]

Sony expects to lose more money on mobile devices this year

Sony today released its earnings report for the last quarter of its fiscal year, showing an expectation of losses for its mobile division this year.

Lose your keys and phone often? Motorola Keylink is your solution!

Moto Keylink

Do you lose your phone and or keys often? We’ve all done it and it is very frustrating sometimes. One minute, you have your phone, the next minute it is mysteriously gone… Today, Motorola announced their solution to all of our troubles: Motorola Keylink.

Motorola Keylink is a device you attach to your key chain that can help you locate your phone, from upwards of  [Read More…]

Google Now alarms and timers lose hands-free ability for some in latest update

“Ok Google… why didn’t my alarm go off this morning?”

The latest Google Search update seems to have brought a new bug along with all the bug fixes and police cards, causing what once were hands-free commands for timers and alarms to now need an extra button press to set. Some users can still set them without needing to push the actual ‘set timer’ or ‘set alarm’ button while others have to press this extra button.  [Read More…]

What to do if you lose your phone

Your Android smartphone is the most personal computer you own. No other device is with you virtually every second of every day, and so over the course of a standard two-year contract you’ll be presented with plenty of opportunities to misplace it.

Fortunately, over the past few years Android has grown has grown into mature, stable mobile OS with an abundance of security features designed to help you out in just such an  [Read More…]