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Apple lowers revenue guidance for Q1 due to fewer iPhone upgrades than expected

iPhone XS Max

Apple today issued a note to investors, and it contains some interesting info regarding iPhone sales.

Apple CEO Tim Cook today shared a letter to his company’s investors to warn that Apple is revising its guidance for the fiscal Q1 2019 quarter. The Cupertino firm now expects revenue of $ 84 billion, down from the estimate of $ 89 billion to $ 93 billion that it previously expected to see.

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UNREAL Mobile officially launches, lowers its unlimited plan to $10/month

More than 50,000 people signed up for beta access in under four weeks.

On May 23, FreedomPop announced it was launching a spinoff MVNO called “UNREAL Mobile” that would offer unlimited plans starting at just $ 15/month. Less than four weeks since that announcement was made, UNREAL Mobile is now going live with an even better deal than what was initially offered.

UNREAL was originally promoting unlimited plans that started out at $ 15/month, but in response  [Read More…]

US Cellular lowers prices on its Shared Connect data plans

US Cellular has announced new, lower pricing for its Shared Connect plans. Prices have been lowered across the board, offering data buckets of 1, 3, 6, 10, 12, 15, and 20GB.

Google lowers minimum app pricing on Google Play in India to Rs. 10

Google has lowered the minimum purchase price for apps from its Google Play Store in India to Rs. 10, making apps even more affordable to users. As India continues to be a huge area of growth for the company, Google wanted to be sure to new audiences were able to be reached. As Android becomes more popular in the country, the demand for apps continues to grow as well.

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Sprint lowers data pricing on $80 and $90 Family Share Plans

Sprint lowers data pricing

Sprint, in an attempt to defeat competitors, has reduced the data price for the $ 80 and $ 90 Family Share Plans. Starting Friday November 14th, $ 15/month data option will occur.

According to the carrier the price reduction means more users will be able to access data, and of higher value than those of Verizon and AT&T. Verizon has a $ 15/month data option  [Read More…]

US Cellular lowers shared plan pricing



US Cellular has announced a change in their shared plan pricing structure, allowing their package deal pricing to come in under the likes of Verizon and AT&T.

For consumers on a typical “family-of-four” shared 10GB or higher plan, they have lowered their connection charge per-smartphone to $ 10 per month.  Those on smaller (<=8GB) plans will pay $ 20 per month.  Doing the math, this  [Read More…]

AT&T lowers price of 1-2 line Mobile Share Value Plans

AT&T on Sunday rolled out new Mobile Share Value Plan pricing for subscribers with one or two lines. Effective March 9, customers can pick up a 2GB Mobile Share Value Plan for $ 65 per month ($ 40 for 2GB data, $ 25 for smartphone access), a discount of $ 15 over the normal rate. Two lines will run $ 90 per month under the new pricing; each line receives unlimited voice, texting, 50GB free cloud storage  through AT&T Locker.

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