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Samsung’s Alcantara case is the most luxurious way to protect your Galaxy S9 or S9+

Protection for your phone and enjoyment for your hand.

Alcantara is a fabric typically associated with the interiors of race cars and their sporty consumer counterparts, but in recent years it’s been adapted as a choice for consumer electronics as well. Microsoft has been putting feet of the stuff on the Surface Pro and Surface Laptop, and Samsung has also locked it in as a go-to material for its flagship phone cases. And I’m glad it has,  [Read More…]

Luxurious leather wallets from Edward Field can also hold your Samsung Galaxy smartphones

The past two generation of Samsung Galaxy smartphones arguably brought us some of the most luxurious and high quality smartphone builds we have ever seen. Samsung took the build quality to a whole new level with the Galaxy Note 7 with its almost seamless glass to metal design. Not all Samsung Galaxy users are budget

110 Ultra luxurious HD wallpapers for your mobile devices

Access to Gallery: Click here For today’s wallpaper collection we have gathered 110 HD images of luxury for your smartphones and tablets. There was just a lottery drawing for over half a billion dollars, so whoever that lucky winner is can make these wallpapers a reality. For the rest of us, we can at least

LG to unveil the luxurious Tone Platinum for those who seek a premium sound experience

LG has announced the company will unveil the Tone Platinum, a new Bluetooth headset part of the Tone family of products, at this year’s Mobile World Congress next week. As well as certainly looking the part, the new Tone Platinum will also sound solid thanks to LG partnering with Harmon Kardon.

Bluetooth headsets and headphones have come a long way, and those who will pick up the Tone Platinum will be able  [Read More…]

See how Huawei will package its luxurious Android Wear smartwatch

Huawei has yet to officially reveal pricing and availability details for the company’s upcoming wearable, but that won’t stop us from throwing our wallets at the monitor. The Huawei Watch is one of the finest looking smartwatches to-date and now we’ve got some idea as to what packaging the watch will ship in. It’s a luxurious experience, closely resembling that of a traditional time piece.

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Latest video from LG shows off the luxurious Watch Urbane

LG today released a new video for the LG Watch Urbane, illustrating just how far the company has progressed with regards to creating a “smart piece with luxurious design”.

Gresso launches new luxurious smartphones coated in gold and titanium

Gresso has launched a new luxurious line of smartphones, coated in gold and titanium. Usually when we look at these expensive smartphones, we’re taken by just how unattractive the designs are. Luckily, that’s not the case for the Gresso Regal with impressive specifications matching the premium design. But that’s not to say we’re preparing to fork out for one (or two).

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