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Streaming services made up nearly 80% of U.S. music revenue in 2019

The report notes that the streaming market in 2019 was bigger than the entire U.S. recorded music market two years back.

What you need to know The year-end 2019 music revenue report from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has revealed that paid subscriptions to on-demand streaming services jumped by 25% in 2019. Total revenue from streaming music increased by 19.9% last year, accounting for 79.5% of all recorded music last year. The number of paid  [Read More…]

The FCC just made your connection faster by unlocking the ‘OnGo’ band

15 new channels in the 3.5GHz range are already supported by plenty of phones for LTE use, but OnGo is important for 5G, too.

The FCC just finished a six-year set of talks with the CBRS Alliance (Citizens Broadband Radio Service) and authorized commercial use of what’s known as the 3.5GHz CBRS band.

3.5GHz service is in-between super-low bands like T-Mobile’s 600Mhz and mmWave such as Verizon’s 28GHz.

Previously held exclusively by the Department of Defense for  [Read More…]

So…Samsung’s apparently made artificial humans for CES 2020

The company claims these artificial humans are capable of displaying intelligence and emotion.

What you need to know Samsung has apparently taken the next step in artificial intelligence. A company backed by the Korean giant, NEON, claims to have created artificial humans. These virtual beings not only look like humans but are apparently also capable of mimicking human behavior, intelligence, and emotions.

Your next best friend could be a virtual construct. And, no, I’m not talking about  [Read More…]

Decade in review: HDR+ made smartphone cameras tools of the trade

It’s made it not only possible, but at times preferable for me to use the camera that’s in my pocket rather than the more expensive and elaborate camera in my bag.

Google Google Home & Google Assistant Moto X Roku Chromecast & Google Cast HDR+ Samsung Galaxy S7 Alexa & Amazon Echo HTC One M7 Robot Vacuums Google Cardboard Google Wifi Apple Apple across the decade Rene Ritchie’s product of the decade The iPad  [Read More…]

Your Pixelbook Go color choice might be made for you

Pixelbook Go Black

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Pros Easy to find Goes with everything Subtle and sophisticated Cons Boring as sin Shows dust and scratches instantly

No matter what capacity you want, the Pixelbook Go comes in Black. In fact, it’s the only color Pixelbook Go you’ll be able to get at launch, since the Not Pink is “coming soon”.

Pixelbook Go Not Pink

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From $ 849  [Read More…]

The creators of Monument Valley made a Motion Sense game for the Pixel 4

Start your journey as Soli the bird.

What you need to know Monument Valley developers, ustwo Studios, have created a Motion Sense game called Headed South for the Pixel 4. You play as a bird named Soli trying to rescue other birds from a storm using unique motion gestures for each one. Pokémon has also gotten in on the Motion Sense fun with a demo app called Pokémon Wave Hello.

At the Made by Google event on  [Read More…]

Logitech’s made a mouse and keyboard for your Pixelbook

The mouse and keyboard cost $ 29.99 and $ 49.99, respectively.

What you need to know The mouse and keyboard are certified via the ‘Made for Google’ program. The K580 Wireless Keyboard costs $ 49.99 and allows you to switch between three devices with ease. The K355 Wireless Mouse will cost you an additional $ 29.99.

The Logitech K580 Wireless Keyboard, Chrome OS Edition and the Logitech M355 Portable Wireless Mouse are the company’s first products adorned  [Read More…]

Microsoft made the perfect Android messaging app, and it’s now in the U.S.

This is what Android Messages should have been from the beginning.

Microsoft significantly raised the quality of its apps on Android over the course of the last two years, leading to great Android apps that include the likes of Next Lock Screen and Microsoft Launcher.

The latest is SMS Organizer, a text messaging service from Microsoft Garage, an initiative within the company that lets employees work on projects they’re passionate about. The app leverages machine learning to  [Read More…]

Motorola One Action preview: Motorola just made a GoPro into a phone

If you’ve ever wanted an ultra-wide action camera on a phone, the Motorola One Action is the phone for you.

Motorola is known for making some interesting devices, even if the company hasn’t been fighting on the flagship front recently. The Motorola One Vision provided the company’s first CinemaVision display on a phone, while the Moto Z range offers Moto Mods that expand the phone’s capabilities. Its latest device – the Motorola One Action – takes a  [Read More…]

The Note 10’s frame is actually made out of aluminum, not stainless steel

Samsung hasn’t confirmed the reason for the change in material.

What you need to know Samsung’s early marketing material for the Note 10 mentioned a stainless steel frame for the phone. Today, the company updated its marketing to say it’s actually “polished metal.” In other words, the Note 10’s frame is aluminum.

During its Unpacked event in New York this past Wednesday, Samsung introduced us to the Galaxy Note 10 and did everything in its power to  [Read More…]