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Download the OnePlus 3T wallpapers straight from the artist who made them

Illustrator tells the story of how OnePlus’s latest backdrops came to life.

OnePlus has become known for its unique and stylish wallpapers, thanks to the work of artist Hampus Olsson. For the upcoming OnePlus 3T, the company once again teamed up with the Swedish illustrator to bring to life four striking new abstract backgrounds.

And although the phone isn’t out yet, you can already download all of them, in full 1080p resolution, from Olsson’s personal site.

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The Google Play Store just made its app rating system more reliable

It happened to all of us at some point – positive reviews misleading us into downloading a lousy app from the Google Play Store. But Google wants to put a stop to developers boosting their apps’ rankings through such shady means. The tech giant has announced it is debuting a new technology that will help

Google just made a new blog called The Keyword

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was Google… Yesterday, Google created a sweet new blog called The Keyword. It’s meant to be a central repository of Google news and product announcements. Similar to how Alphabet was created to reign in all of Google’s projects, The Keyword was created to unite Google’s blogs.

Pixel phones and the Nexus line: How we got to ‘Made by Google’

Should the Pixel phones resemble the Nexus line in some way?

When the Pixel phones debut next week — a 5-inch Pixel and a 5.5-inch Pixel XL, if rumors are to be believed — they are going to be compared, whether Google likes it or not, to the Nexus phones that came before.

Google may be attempting a clean break from that legacy of annual Nexus refreshes, but there’s only so much in a name: To  [Read More…]

Download every wallpaper from the ‘made by Google’ Pixel website

Keep the Pixel hype going with these wallpapers from Google.

Google’s announcement of an upcoming phone launch on October 4 was scant on details. But an accompanying website, https://madeby.google.com/, added a bit of weight to the thought that we may be in for a cool treat of a new wallpaper switching app that launches with the phone.

We all love new wallpapers, so what’s better than loading up one of the handful of great photos  [Read More…]

Google confirms Oct 4 launch event, teases phone ‘made by Google’

A simple, teasing video lets everyone know that October 4 is important.

In a nod to the nerds, Google just took out a TV ad during the premiere of The Big Bang Theory to tease an upcoming product launch on October 4. Set to the subtle tune of “Come And Get Your Love,” a long rectangular Google Search bar slowly morphs into the shape of a phone, then flanked by “Oct. 4” on one side and the new Google  [Read More…]

Acer’s Chromebook R13 is the nicest the company has ever made

One of the leaders in the Chromebook space is pushing the category again with its new Chromebook R13.

Acer’s brand new 13.3-inch “convertible” (i.e., it folds backward) Chromebook R13, unveiled at IFA 2016, is clearly a step beyond the quality on offer from the Chromebook 14 that was released back in March, but of course it also has a higher starting price at $ 399.

For the money you’re getting something really nice — a  [Read More…]

How dbrand skins made my cracked S7 edge glass look new and better than ever

Samsung’s latest flagship smartphones are without question some of the best looking devices on the planet right now. I’d argue nothing comes close when it comes to looks. However, its smartphones are made of glass which isn’t the most durable material as it is brittle and will crack or shatter under pressure. I used the

HTC Nexus phones made official by FCC

The FCC has officially approved two Nexus phones for the U.S. market. It’s confirmed that both phones will be made by HTC and will run Android 7 Nougat. Marlin & Sailfish Codenamed Marlin and Sailfish, the model numbers are G-2PW2100 and G-2PW4100. It’s thought that Sailfish will be the successor to the Nexus 5X, while

Google Search has made it easier to find a great place to eat

Google has announced that users of its Search app for Android will now be able to bring up reviews and “best of” lists of restaurants when they search for a great place to eat.

In a blog post, Google stated:

If you’re craving dim sum, but not sure which place is a top spot, a search for “chinese restaurant” may bring up Michelin favorite RedFarm in the West Village. Looking further at the  [Read More…]