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Balance, simplicity and a tall screen: How the LG G6 was made

Over a year of development and testing went into the most substantial update to the G series since its inception.

With the amazing amount of coverage and information out there surrounding every smartphone launch today, everyone is quick to over-analyze and jump to conclusions about every minute aspect of a device. It has always been the purpose of our reviews to give context to all of the parts of a smartphone and how they all influence one  [Read More…]

Google just made tethering dead simple on Pixel and Nexus devices

Instant Tethering is coming to save your tablet’s internet.

Google has just turned on a feature called Instant Tethering, allowing Nexus and Pixel phones and tablets to share internet connections automatically, as long as they are connected to the same Google profile.

Announced on the company’s support forum, the feature is a part of the new Google Play Services (so it may not be available for everyone just yet) and can be accessed through the Settings  [Read More…]

News Republic app update adds “Made for Samsung” features for Galaxy devices

If you ever owned a HTC device you are probably familiar with the News Republic app, which is the official partner of HTC BlinkFeed. The app’s mission is to offer access to full articles from thousands of news sources in different languages, to users who are always on the go. Well this week the company

CES 2017 Day Two: New laptops, new phones, and old ideas made new

Update all the laptops

Thinner, faster, lighter, stronger.

With new 7th-generation Core chips from Intel landing in the months before CES, it was time for a seemingly every PC manufacturer to update their lineup. In the cards for everybody: thinner, lighter, marginally faster, longer-lasting batteries, Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C, and a notable decrease in bezels.

Samsung’s updated Notebook 9 is the new lightest 13-inch laptop Samsung finally makes gaming laptops: this is the Notebook Odyssey ASUS  [Read More…]

The story behind UMi Z: A flagship made for the best user experience in hand

2016 has been a remarkable year in UMi’s history: during this year, we dedicated all our hearts and efforts to develop the global markets, and create products that make our users happy all around the world. Starting with the UMi Touch, the first user-defined smartphone from the company, we have been responding actively to the

Google just made it even easier to switch from iPhone to Android

Make the switch from iPhone to Android more easily than ever.

Google has made it even easier to switch from an iPhone to an Android phone using Google Drive.

The company updated its Switch portal to reflect the Drive update, which can be downloaded onto the iPhone and used to back up all pertinent content, including contacts, calendar events, and photos & videos, to their respective places.

While Drive itself doesn’t store all of the data,  [Read More…]

Google just made Android app updates way smaller — again!

App updates are awesome. Burning mobile data to download them isn’t.

There aren’t many people who turn off automatic app updates as soon as they get a new phone, but many who do say the biggest reason is data usage. If you only have 4GB of data in a month, losing 200 megabytes every month to seemingly-constant Instagram and Facebook updates is a waste of bandwidth. At the same time, not updating apps means efforts made to improve your  [Read More…]

Download the OnePlus 3T wallpapers straight from the artist who made them

Illustrator tells the story of how OnePlus’s latest backdrops came to life.

OnePlus has become known for its unique and stylish wallpapers, thanks to the work of artist Hampus Olsson. For the upcoming OnePlus 3T, the company once again teamed up with the Swedish illustrator to bring to life four striking new abstract backgrounds.

And although the phone isn’t out yet, you can already download all of them, in full 1080p resolution, from Olsson’s personal site.

  [Read More…]

The Google Play Store just made its app rating system more reliable

It happened to all of us at some point – positive reviews misleading us into downloading a lousy app from the Google Play Store. But Google wants to put a stop to developers boosting their apps’ rankings through such shady means. The tech giant has announced it is debuting a new technology that will help

Google just made a new blog called The Keyword

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was Google… Yesterday, Google created a sweet new blog called The Keyword. It’s meant to be a central repository of Google news and product announcements. Similar to how Alphabet was created to reign in all of Google’s projects, The Keyword was created to unite Google’s blogs.