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Google makes it easier for devs to hide apps from rooted phone owners

Last week, Netflix made headlines due to its decision of blocking owners of rooted devices or those with unlocked bootloaders from downloading the application from the Google Play Store. Which seemed quite puzzling at the time, since the app could still be side-loaded and rendered functional on the said devices. But soon more developers might […]

Chrome for Android makes it easier to download a web page and read it offline

Saving a local copy of a web article just got better in Chrome for Android.

Did you know you can long press on a link in Chrome for Android and you have the option to save it so you can read it offline? If you said no, it’s probably because it was one of those features nobody mentions and is mostly hidden. Google is changing that in the newest version of Chrome for Android.

Last year, we  [Read More…]

Google makes it easier for Indian users to get started with Maps

Google is making it easier for Indian customers to get started with Maps.

Google Maps users in India are getting a new home screen that will make it easier for them to get started with the service. The home screen will include a quick action bar at the bottom of the page that pulls up a direction pane with commonly used modes of transportation — driving, public transit, walking, and ride-sharing services. Users will also be able to switch  [Read More…]

Google’s latest update for PhotoScan makes it easier to share the nostalgia

This is also a friendly reminder that Google PhotoScan exists and it’s worth using — just in case.

Remember PhotoScan? The app that lets you save digital copies of your printed photos to Google Photos? It’s a neat way to store those old photographs, loose Polaroids, and school pictures in the cloud — just in case. Google has announced it’s pushing out an update to the service. With it comes two new  [Read More…]

Google Earth makes a comeback, packed with new tools for explorations

I have to admit, I all but forgotten about Google Earth – until I recently saw the movie Lion – in which a five-year-old Indian boy gets lost on the streets of Calcutta, thousands of kilometers from home. 25 years later, after being adopted by an Australian family, he sets out to find his lost […]

Google makes sure developers know how to build an app that looks good on the Galaxy S8 and LG G6

“Super widescreen” phones need some special attention if you want your app to look great.

The age of larger display format phones is here. LG’s G6 sports an 18:9 screen aspect ratio and the Galaxy S8 brought an 18.5:9 display to the party. Since those two phones will be the most popular high-end Android models for 2017, Google has posted a quickie on the Android Developers blog to make sure everyone building an app knows how to  [Read More…]

Google makes searching on Android better with new Shortcuts feature

Google has introduced yet another way to search on Android.

There is no shortage of ways to find things on an Android device. If you’ve bought a phone in the last couple of years, it’s more than likely you have a Google search bar on your main homescreen — Google requires it as part of its certification process — and some phones, including its Nexus and Pixel line, have the Artist Formerly Known As Google Now, now known merely  [Read More…]

Nougat makes massive gains in February on back of Galaxy S7 updates

The release of Android 7.0 Nougat for the Galaxy S7 series helped Nougat make its biggest-ever month-over-month gains in February.

There are millions of Android devices sold every month, and millions more updated. The composite tells a story of cycles and company strategies played out in the same way year over year.

This year, it’s the story of the Galaxy S7. The single most popular Android phone of 2016 (well, two most popular phones) began receiving its  [Read More…]

Nokia makes a (grand) comeback at MWC 2017

So we’re here at MWC 2017 where Nokia is about to begin its presentation. We’re in a church, so things are bound to get pretty mystical. Stay tuned to find out the whole story here. Nokia just announced the Nokia 6 is going global for €249. Nokia announced the Nokia 5 and affordable Nokia 3. […]

Adobe Comp CC makes mobile design simple and easy (Review)

Overview: Adobe Comp CC is an editing and drafting program for exporting into other Adobe suite programs for easy, on the go project managing. Developer: Adobe Cost: Free Impressions: Adobe software is often used by professionals for graphic design and other media creation professions to great effect. Adobe has added most of their most popular […]