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Google removed over 700,000 malicious apps from the Play Store in 2017

99% of abusive apps were removed before users could install them.

There are a lot of excellent apps and games to be found on the Play Store, but to no one’s surprise, it can also be home to some bad seeds, too. There were quite a few reports of malicious Android apps all throughout last year, but new numbers from Google reveal that things could have been a lot worse.

In just 2017 alone, over 700,000 malicious  [Read More…]

The malicious ‘Godless’ that were in Google Play apps sound scary, but that’s about it

Another week, another scary-sounding security story. Here’s why we wouldn’t worry too much about “Godless.”

Security firm TrendMicro this week detailed “a family of mobile malware called Godless” that it says contained exploits that potentially could root a phone without a user’s knowledge. That in and of itself would be bad, opening your phone up to all sorts of nonsense.

And it sounds scary as hell, if you read Trend Micro’s blog.

Here’s the lede:

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PSA: Lookout recently found 13 new malicious apps on Google Play

A part of what makes Google Play a better experience for developers is that they can easily publish to the store without an extensive wait between submission and actual distribution. That’s because the apps are tested by computers for specific conditions and then allowed to publish. Further investigation is done afterwards to assure that they are indeed completely following the rules and if they aren’t, sometimes they’re removed and the developers’ accounts are terminated without warning.

Unfortunately, that sometimes has  [Read More…]

Latest Android bug can disable audio if you download a malicious file

A new bug has been found that can turn off all audio on your Android device running version 4.3 of the operating system or higher, but requires you to download a malicious file.

The bug can be triggered by a malicious app, or a purposefully-malformed MKV file. The bug triggers a buffer overflow in the mediaserver service, and the result is a stop to all audio on your phone or tablet. In some cases, the amount of  [Read More…]