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Microsoft Launcher beta gets support for Intune managed devices

Microsoft Launcher beta version 5.8 adds new features for IT administrators and a bit of convenience for new app installs.

What you need to know Microsoft Launcher beta version 5.8 is now available. The update gives IT administrators the ability to fully manage devices with Microsoft Intune. For phones on Android 8.0, Launcher will now automatically add icons to the home screen for new app installs.

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YouTube TV has managed to satiate my desire for live television

But with rival services making their way onto the scene, YouTube TV needs an edge.

Is there anyone out there who cut the cord and misses cable as much as I did? It wasn’t until I downloaded YouTube TV that I realized how much I missed the sensation of flipping through channels, or being able to watch programs at the same time as everyone else.

Sure, full-featured cable TV does have its drawbacks. In many cases, it’s  [Read More…]

Plex Home delivers parental controls, better sharing, managed accounts

Plex Home has arrived to deliver new features allowing users to have better control over sharing and their media in a multi-member family household. Users can now choose who they want to share their media content with and create separate user profiles for different members of their family — something that is enabled as a result of Plex moving server management to the web app.

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Managed intents could be Google’s key to the enterprise market

Control over how sensitive files are shared could be big for Google’s place in a BYOD world

Earlier we got a little more information about the new enterprise features coming with Android L, courtesy of Samsung’s contribution of portions of Knox. As consumers, it’s not really the sort of thing we think about, at least not very often. But one of the bullet points really stood out to me, and I think it could be just  [Read More…]

Google CEO on ICS, “You won’t believe what we have managed to do in this release”

Larry Page

Google just announced their Q3 financial results and the earnings call is streaming live right now. We are still analyzing all the info, but new Google CEO Larry Page just let out a big Android tease. When talking about Ice Cream Sandwich, Larry said, “You won’t believe what we have managed to do in this release. We see Android going gangbusters and we don’t see anything that will stop that.”

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