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Best Password Manager For Android

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Best overall 1Password

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1Password hits all of the features we expect from this sort of app: AES 256-bit encryption, password generation, fingerprint security, storage for all kinds of information and cross-device syncing; all with a well-implemented Android keyboard that lets you quickly paste login and password details from your secure storage.

1Password gets really powerful when you pay to upgrade from the  [Read More…]

Hard Disk Manager 15: Powerful backup and flexible recovery for your PC, just $24.99

How often are you backing up the data on your PC? Chances are good that some of you are doing it semi-regularly. Sadly, we bet a larger portion of you don’t do it very often at all. Heck, we bet there are some of you who don’t even do it, thinking, “Nah, I’m okay.” You […]

How to find your phone using Android Device Manager

I don’t know about you, but I have the tendency to misplace my smartphone all the freaking time. I probably have a short memory and if you’re like me, you’re probably very familiar with that wave of cold sweat which hits you as you realize you don’t know where your phone is. Fortunately, there’s a […]

App Highlight: Airport Guy Airport Manager

The App Developed by Rottz Games, Airport Guy Airport Manager is a new app with only around 100,000 installs. Having been updated on April 8, the developer is constantly fixing various bugs. Airport Guy Airport Manager is a game where your mind will be put to the challenge to manage an airport. What it does You’ll be put in charge of […]

Google’s ‘Find My Device’ app is the next-gen Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager is now Find My Device, and it has a few new features to keep it useful and relevant.

One of the less publicized announcements at Google I/O was the rebranding of the popular Android Device Manager — the app that allows you to find or reset a lost or stolen phone — to Find My Device, with a new design and some additional features.

The fundamentals of  [Read More…]

Android Device Manager is now known as Find My Device

It’s been a couple of years since the Android Device Manager app was updated, but that changes today as the app gets bumped to version 2.0.

As first noted by Android Police, Android Device Manager is now known as Find My Device, and there are a few changes to make navigating the app a bit easier. There last elements of Holo are gone, and everything’s a bit flatter in version 2.0 of the app.

googlefindmydeviceappaam[Read More…]

Microsoft introduces its new task manager app To-Do in beta

If you’re looking for yet another task manager application and use Microsoft’s Office 365 you might want to check out the new To-Do beta app.

Think of it as a Wunderlist replacement that also makes suggestions for you. It actually comes from the developers of Wunderlist and uses a sorting algorithm to determine what’s important for you to do today or what you missed yesterday. A video is worth a thousand words here,  [Read More…]

Best File Manager

Asus File Manager is the best file manager currently available for Android. You can move, share and delete your files, as well as compressing them to help save space.

Best overall ASUS File Manager

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ASUS File Manager manages to heave itself to the top of the file manager food chain on Android by delivering tons of great features that work well together to make your life easier in the long run.  [Read More…]

Become a certified Project Manager for just $69!

Project Management happens to be one of the fastest growing fields in several industries right now, and you may be looking to make a switch. But just how does one get started with Project Management and learning the ropes? Well, they take expensive courses that consume a lot of time, right? Wrong.

You don’t have to spend a ton of time and money to begin learning the basics. Meet the Ultimate Project Management Certification bundle which provides you access to  [Read More…]

Password manager Enpass now working seamlessly on Chromebooks, including browser autofill

Keeping your passwords safe and synced is just as important on a Chromebook.

Password manager Enpass has just released an update to include complete support for Chromebooks, following a couple of initial teasers as the Google Play Store started rolling out to Chrome OS. With the latest update you can install Enpass on your Chromebook and have access to all of your secure passwords and information, and of course any changes  [Read More…]