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No Man’s Sky: The Ultimate Guide

We’ve worked hard to bring you everything No Man’s Sky related in one place.

With the latest update for No Man’s Sky, called Beyond, the sci-fi spectacular is having another huge resurgence. With all the new gameplay features comes a new group of players that have either never played, or are coming to a game they barely recognize. For a game that has been around since 2016, having the user base No Man’s Sky has is nothing  [Read More…]

How to build bases in No Man’s Sky

Make yourself a nice place to spread out across the stars

Building bases has been a staple in No Man’s Sky for a while now and with the latest update comes a whole new raft of building materials. With the influx of new players, and players returning to the game from years prior, we thought a base-building primer might help you get started in your new construction career.

What are bases? Where to build bases Machines you  [Read More…]

How to craft a Sodium Diode in No Man’s Sky

Because nothing can ever be as simple as it should be in No Man’s Sky.

Best answer: The easiest way to get a Sodium Diode is by crafting it with 40 Ferrite Dust and 40 Sodium Nitrate. Unfortunately, you’ll still need to find its blueprint beforehand, and that can be the most time-consuming part.

Where to get Ferrite Dust and Sodium Nitrate

Ferrite Dust is one of the most common elements you’ll find in No  [Read More…]

How to craft a Cobalt Mirror in No Man’s Sky

It’s all about finding blueprints, and that can be time-consuming.

Best answer: A Cobalt Mirror can be crafted from 50 Ionized Cobalt, but you’ll first need to have its blueprint in order to do so.

Where to find Cobalt and Ionized Cobalt

Cobalt isn’t exactly common, but it’s not too hard to come across. When you’re out in space just use your scanner on planets until you find one that lists Cobalt as one of  [Read More…]

Get to know and master your starship types in No Man’s Sky

Take to the skies and show off your best ship in the Nexus. Bragging rights are warranted.

One of the major pillars in No Man’s Sky is exploration. You can do that on foot across various planets, but your greatest asset will be your starship. This will allow you to travel across galaxies and discover new and exotic locations. Wherever you go, your starship follows. Because of this, it’s important to know which type you have, which  [Read More…]

No Man’s Sky may be the comeback story of the generation

More developers should follow Hello Games’ perseverance.

No Man’s Sky was reviled when it launched three years ago. For all of the hype that the once PlayStation console exclusive garnered — it made waves by being featured on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert — it spectacularly failed to meet expectations at a level that’s nearly unheard of; It was review bombed, became the source of endless ridicule, and was a cautionary tale of how player expectations  [Read More…]

Where to find rare resources and exotic elements in No Man’s Sky

18 quintillion planets and you still can’t find Activated Indium?

Resources, elements, and minerals are the backbone of nearly everything you do in No Man’s Sky. Whether you play the game as a simple farmer, an explorer, or even a wannabe space warlord, resources will fuel your endeavors. The rarer the resource, the more valuable it will be to you on your journey.

Rare resources

While you’re out in space in your starship, analyze planets to see  [Read More…]

How do you play No Man’s Sky on the PlayStation VR?

Best answer: Launching into the VR version of No Man’s Sky can only be done from inside the headset. You will need to put on the headset and start the game from there. If you start the game then put the PSVR on you will only get the big-screen version

VR at its best: No Man’s Sky ($ 30 at Amazon) The how to

The step by step for doing this is very quick. All you need  [Read More…]

How to tame and ride mounts in No Man’s Sky

Beyond now lets you tame and mount those alien creatures you see.

No Man’s Sky somehow continues to get better and better. I know, I almost can’t believe it either after NEXT delivered such an incredible update. But here we are a year later and Beyond has now dropped, adding a ton of improvements and some fun features, one of which is the ability to tame and ride mounts. That’s right, you can hop on the back  [Read More…]

How to repair your starship in No Man’s Sky

You don’t want to be stuck on a hazardous planet forever… or maybe you do. I don’t judge.

Best answer: Repair your scanner and mine for Ferrite Dust, Di-hydrogen, Oxygen, and Carbon before you go looking for your starship. These are the materials you’ll need to fix it and getting them first saves time.

Explore the galaxy: No Man’s Sky ($ 30 at Amazon)

Your journey into No Man’s Sky will end as quickly as  [Read More…]