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How do you play No Man’s Sky on the PlayStation VR?

Best answer: Launching into the VR version of No Man’s Sky can only be done from inside the headset. You will need to put on the headset and start the game from there. If you start the game then put the PSVR on you will only get the big-screen version

VR at its best: No Man’s Sky ($ 30 at Amazon) The how to

The step by step for doing this is very quick. All you need  [Read More…]

How to tame and ride mounts in No Man’s Sky

Beyond now lets you tame and mount those alien creatures you see.

No Man’s Sky somehow continues to get better and better. I know, I almost can’t believe it either after NEXT delivered such an incredible update. But here we are a year later and Beyond has now dropped, adding a ton of improvements and some fun features, one of which is the ability to tame and ride mounts. That’s right, you can hop on the back  [Read More…]

How to repair your starship in No Man’s Sky

You don’t want to be stuck on a hazardous planet forever… or maybe you do. I don’t judge.

Best answer: Repair your scanner and mine for Ferrite Dust, Di-hydrogen, Oxygen, and Carbon before you go looking for your starship. These are the materials you’ll need to fix it and getting them first saves time.

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Your journey into No Man’s Sky will end as quickly as  [Read More…]

Where to find the Nexus social space and Space Anomaly in No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is actually turning into a proper game, and now you can play it with friends.

Best answer: The Nexus can be accessed through a Space Anomaly. This can be summoned through your starship. If one hasn’t been found yet, they pop up at random after finding an Atlas Interface.

Explore the galaxy: No Man’s Sky ($ 30 at Amazon)

No Man’s Sky now has proper multiplayer thanks to its gigantic Beyond update,  [Read More…]

How to fix game crashes in No Man’s Sky on PlayStation VR

With a launch as big as No Man’s Sky there are bound to be bugs and issues that Hello Games couldn’t account for. One issue we are seeing a lot is a black screen on starting your PlayStation VR game. Obviously, that’s bad news, especially as the game so good in VR, so we have a fix that should fix it for now. Turning off the Supersampling on your PS4 will help.

How to turn off Supersampling Turn  [Read More…]

No Man’s Sky Beyond: How to set up your PlayStation VR

If No Man’s Sky is your first VR game, then there are things you will need to do to get ready

With the release of the latest update for No Man’s Sky, we will finally be able to play this expansive, world exploring game in ou PlayStation VR headsets. If you have bought a PSVR, especially for No Man’s Sky, or you haven’t used it in a while, you may want to think about how your room  [Read More…]

Does No Man’s Sky support HOTAS controllers?

Best answer: HOTAS controllers are not supported in No Man’s Sky even with the new update. There are just too many control systems to contend with and you would need to swap them over constantly.

Reach for the stars: No Man’s Sky ($ 40 at Amazon) As cool as it sounds, it’s a no

No Man’s Sky has a few key components that make it a spectacular game to play. There are huge worlds to explore, you  [Read More…]

No Man’s Sky does not support cross-play with its Beyond update

Best answer: No. No Man’s Sky does not support cross-play between any platforms. Unfortunately, it looks like this will be the case for the foreseeable future.

Limitless possibilities: No Man’s Sky ($ 40 at Amazon)

What is cross-play?

Cross-play (or cross-platform play) is a feature that allows people on different platforms to play the same games together. Usually, people on PS4 can only play multiplayer matches with other people on PS4. With cross-play, depending on which  [Read More…]

You can’t transfer saves between platforms in No Man’s Sky

Best answer: No. No Man’s Sky does not support cross-save. If you played on one platform and decided to purchase it again for another after its Beyond update drops, you won’t be able to transfer your saves across different platforms.

Limitless possibilities: No Man’s Sky ($ 40 at Amazon)

What is cross-save?

Cross-save is a feature that allows saves from one platform to be transferred to another. There are plenty of reasons for people to begin  [Read More…]

Can non-VR and VR players play together in No Man’s Sky?

Is this going to be a free-for-all or will we be sectioned off, like VR pariah?

On August 14, 2019, Hello Games are giving us the biggest update to No Man’s Sky we have ever seen, and we have seen some big’uns. This latest update, called Beyond, has three major components: VR, 32-player multiplayer, and a bump to version 2.0 with lots of smaller changes.

The big question though is whether all of those things talk to  [Read More…]