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Google Maps feature request: Let me truly customize my transit directions

For many people, quality transit information is far more important than driving directions and traffic.

I’m a huge advocate for taking public transit. Whether you’re living in a city or just visiting, if you’re fortunate enough to have access to a public train system, you should use it when possible. Google Maps does a great job of showing transit directions, which really lowers the barrier for using public transit while traveling.

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Google Maps turns 15, gets a design refresh and new features

Google will also be rolling out an update to the Live View feature within Maps later this year.

What you need to know Google Maps is celebrating its 15th birthday. To celebrate, Google has introduced a new icon for Maps, along with a few new features. The updated Google Maps app with the new look will begin rolling out on both iOS and Android today.

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Artist creates fake traffic jams in Google Maps with 99 phones and a wagon

Not all art is beautiful.

What you need to know Artist Simon Weckert was able to create a virtual traffic jam in Google Maps using a cartful of smartphones. He took advantage of Google Maps crowdsourcing capabilities by running navigation on 99 phones and pulling them through the streets of Germany in a wagon. This caused the streets to light up as congested on Google Maps which could lead to drivers being rerouted to other roads.

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Wear OS-powered Suunto 7 arrives with GPS tracking, offline maps

Suunto,a Finnish company predominantly known for sports watches and dive computers, on Sunday announced its first Wear OS smartwatch. Called the Suunto 7, it looks to combine Google-based wearable tech with more robust outdoors features.

The Suunto 7 is a large watch with a 50mm face and a body that’s more than one half-inch thick. It’s water resistant up to 50 meter, uses 24mm watch straps, and weighs in at 70 grams.

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Suunto 7 is a WearOS smartwatch with offline outdoor maps, 70+ sports modes

An impressive new sports-focused WearOS smartwatch that offers reasonable battery life.

What you need to know Suunto 7 is the company’s very first WearOS smartwatch. The sports-focused smartwatch comes with free offline outdoor maps, wrist heart rate sensor, and GPS tracking. It will be available for purchase in the U.S. starting January 31 for $ 479.

Suunto today unveiled its very first smartwatch to be powered by Google’s Wear OS platform. Called Suunto 7, the new smartwatch  [Read More…]

Want a closer look at Mars? Jump into hyperspace on Google Maps

Hyperspace animation on Google Maps

Chewie, we’re home.

What you need to know Google Maps has a new Star Wars-themed addition. Switching between planets on Maps now triggers a hyperspace animation. It’s unclear when the change was made.

The Force is strong with Google Maps, as a Redditor recently discovered. The Palo Alto giant’s navigation service has a new Star Wars-themed addition aimed at making exploring our solar  [Read More…]

Google Maps’ latest update ditches the slide-out menu for the bottom bar

Most of the settings found in the side menu have been relocated to the account switcher.

What you need to know Google’s navigation app is getting a new design. The app ditches the slide-out menu on the left in favor of an expanded bottom bar with more shortcuts. The account switcher now houses many of the settings previously found in the hamburger menu.

The newest version of Google’s mapping application comes with a fresh coat of paint,  [Read More…]

Google Maps gets new features for better AR gaming

Get ready to take your AR gaming to another level.

What you need to know Google Maps Platform has been updated with three new gaming-focused features. Maps Platform games drew nine million daily users in November. New features offer performance enhancements and more control over territories and landmarks.

Google has game developers in mind with three new features just added to the Google Maps Platform. The company says the ten mobile games that currently employ the platform  [Read More…]

Google Maps on Android gets bulk delete, while iPhone Incognito catches up

You can now erase all the 2 AM White Castle trips and leave the rest intact.

What you need to know Google has improved privacy tools to handle Location History on Maps. Android users will get the ability to pick and choose locations to delete. iOS users now have the Incognito Mode already available on Android.

Google is respecting privacy a bit more with updates to Google Maps. Previously, users could delete all of their location history,  [Read More…]

Google Maps might soon let you know which streets are well lit

It is not currently known when it will launch or if the feature will be region-specific.

What you need to know Google Maps is working on a way to show which streets are brightly lit at night. The feature was discovered by XDA-Developers during a recent APK teardown of the Google Maps 10.31.0 beta app. There is no indication of when the feature may launch or if it will be region-specific when it does.

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