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AR directions in Google Maps now widely available for Android and iOS

Maps is also getting an upgraded Timeline and helpful travel tools.

What you need to know The Live View beta in Google Maps is expanding to Android and iOS devices running ARCore and ARKit. The updated Timeline will allow you to relive your travels and export them to share with friends and family. Google Maps will also let you view “all of your flight and hotel reservations in one place” under Reservations in the app.

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Google Maps is receiving major public transportation improvements

What you need to know Google is rolling out a major update for Google Maps to improve public transportation. The biggest improvements come with live traffic info for buses and crowdedness prediction. The new features will start rolling out today for iOS and Android for nearly 200 major cities around the world.

Google Maps will now offer live traffic info for buses and crowdedness prediction.

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Millions of fake businesses are currently listed on Google Maps

Hundreds of thousands are added to Google Maps every month.

What you need to know Google Maps could have up to 11 million fake business listings, according to an investigation by the Wall Street Journal. The main businesses affected include contractors, repairmen, and car towing services. Google is working on combating these false listings and you can help by reporting ones that you find.

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Some Google Maps users are getting an off-route alert for taxis

The new feature has only been spotted in India so far.

What you need to know The new off-route feature will alert you when your driver goes more than 500m off course. So far the new feature has only been spotted being tested in India. Google Maps has added the option to see speed cameras and a speedometer recently as well.

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SOS alerts will soon show you the path of hurricanes in Google Maps

Flood maps will only be available in India.

What you need to know SOS alerts are being updated to show visualizations in Google Maps. The new visualizations will be available for hurricanes, earthquakes, and flooding. Flood maps will only be available in India where 20 percent of flood-related deaths occur.

Google launched SOS alerts in 2017 to provide valuable information during natural disasters or times of crisis. SOS alerts show up in Google Search and Maps to  [Read More…]

Google Maps gets real-time speedometer feature in multiple countries

The feature works on Maps but is not yet supported on Android Auto.

What you need to know The speedometer feature is rolling out to Maps in several countries. Even if your country is on the list it may not be available on your phone yet. Currently works in Maps but is not available on Android Auto.

If you liked when Google added the ability to view speed limits and the locations of speed cameras last week,  [Read More…]

Google Maps picks up new tools to improve public transit in India

Google Maps now shows live train status for Indian Railways, and local bus times with live traffic.

What you need to know Google Maps is getting three new features aimed at public transit in India. The app will show real-time train status for long-distance trains. Google is leveraging live traffic data to better predict bus travel time in India’s 10 largest cities. You’ll also start seeing mixed-mode commute suggestions that include public transit along with an auto-rickshaw.  [Read More…]

Google Maps picks up speed limits and radar locations in over 40 countries

Google Maps users can now access one of Waze’s best features.

What you need to know Google Maps now shows locations of speed cameras and speed limits. The feature was in limited testing in the U.S., but is now rolling out to 40 countries. If all of this sounds familiar, it’s because Waze already offers a similar feature.

Google Maps is picking up a feature from Waze that lets users view speed limits, locations of speed cameras  [Read More…]

New Call of Duty: Mobile details reveal maps, modes, and more

There’s a lot of variety.

What you need to know Activision just released new Call of Duty: Mobile details. New fan-favorite modes and maps were announced. You can play as iconic characters like Alex Mason. A beta will take place this summer in certain regions.

Since smartphones because incredibly all those years ago, there have been numerous Call of Duty clones that haven’t lived up to the hype. Fans of the franchise have been clamoring a proper  [Read More…]

AR navigation in Google Maps is rolling out to Pixel phones

AR navigation is rolling out for walking directions in Google Maps Previously saw this feature previewed at last year’s I/O keynote Feature will be available on Google Pixel phones starting today

Google wants to change the way you use Google Maps on a Pixel, by using the phone’s camera and augmented reality to overlay directions and other relevant travel information when you use walking directions. It was something they announced at last year’s Google I/O, and more recently  [Read More…]