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HTC killing its HTC Watch movie service March 31

HTC Watch

Customers urged to download their paid content before March 31 closure

HTC is culling their HTC Watch movie sales and rental store, effective March 31, 2014. The service had seen closures outside the states last year, and nobody is really surprised by this move.

As a user of the HTC Watch service we would like to notify you that from March 31st 2014 the store will no longer be available.

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‘Berry pink’ Galaxy Note reportedly coming by early March

Android Central

Want to feel even more awkward and self-conscious making calls on your Galaxy Note in public? Why not pick up the upcoming “berry pink” version of Samsung’s 5.3-inch monster. It’s reportedly launching internationally during the ninth week of the year — that’s last week of February (or “crazy week” as we like to call it around here).

The leaked promotional shot, obtained by GSMArena, reminds us of the pink Galaxy S  [Read More…]

US Cellular launching 4G LTE in March; Samsung to provide the devices

Galaxy Tab 10.1

We’ve known this was coming for some time now, but US Cellular has finally laid out specific details on their 4G LTE launch. You’ll be able to kick the tires and light the fires and of course also satisfy your need for speed in March. That is of course assuming that you are in one of the select cities in Iowa, Maine, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas and/or Wisconsin that  [Read More…]

Sony Xperia S pre-orders start, available early March

Xperia S

UK retailer Clove Technology has today started listing the recently-announced Sony Xperia S for pre-order, along with the news that the first stock is expected during the week commencing Mar. 5. The Xperia S, which was unveiled on Monday at CES, comes in at a surprisingly reasonable £467.99 including VAT. Clove’s offering the black version only, Phones4U has already snapped up UK-wide exclusive rights to the white model.

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US Cellular LTE rollout begins soon – with a tablet in March and a phone in April

US Cellular LTE

US Cellular is getting serious about their LTE rollout, and today they let a little more information trickle out on their official Twitter account:

4G LTE is almost here! A tablet will be available by the end of March, and our first Smartphone will be ready in April.

We’ve no clue exactly what the phone or tablet will be, but we’re betting both are Android-powered.  US Cellular’s 4G LTE network will  [Read More…]

‘Occupy’ protesters, Communications Workers of America to march on T-Mobile store [updated]

Occupy T-Mobile

Look at that face. No, the other one. Wait. No. Back to the first one. That’s what’s going to be protested at lunchtime today as protesters from the “Occupy Wall Street” movement and Communications Workers of America march from New York City’s Zucotti Park to a nearby T-Mobile store. Apparently they’re all upset over T-Mobile’s alleged “anti-worker and union-busting tactics,” according to a press release that also says hundreds of people will  [Read More…]