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Iconic game publishers make moves on mobile market

Mobile gaming is now much more than just something you do while you’re waiting for the bus or riding the subway. It’s big business and even companies that built their fortunes on traditional console titles can no longer afford to ignore the ever-growing, omnipresent platform. Among the publishers making renewed efforts at capturing the mobile

Meizu dips its toes into the U.S. market with a crowdfunded wireless speaker

Meizu, a name you most likely associate with its Chinese-market Android phones, is looking to dip its toes into the U.S. via an unexpected product: a wireless speaker. However, rather than going with a more traditional launch, Meizu has opted to introduce its “floating” wireless speaker via a crowdfunding effort on Indiegogo.

Called Gravity, the speaker features a design that make it look as if it’s floating mid-air. That’s due to its position atop a transparent acrylic block. What’s  [Read More…]

Samsung’s 256GB EVO Plus microSD hits the market in June for $250 with blazing speeds

Samsung has announced plans to release the EVO Plus 256GB microSD card. The card, which can store up to 12 hours of 4K UHD video, will go on sale in June worldwide for $ 249.99.

Samsung claims its new microSD card has the highest amount of storage in its class. It adds:

The EVO Plus 256GB raises the bar for capacity and performance of microSD cards thanks to Samsung’s advanced V-NAND technology, offering high read and  [Read More…]

Intel is getting out of the smartphone market with cancellation of SoFIA and Broxton chips

Intel has confirmed that it has canceled plans to release its SoFIA and Broxton chips that were being made primarily for smartphones. This means that Intel currently has no chips that will be used in future smartphones.

Intel’s shift away from the smartphone market was first announced by analyst Patrick Moorhead, via Forbes, and later confirmed by Intel itself in a statement from a spokesperson to AnandTech:

I can confirm that the changes included canceling the  [Read More…]

LG announces Bluetooth-enabled Rolly Keyboard 2 for South Korean market

LG has announced the Rolly Keyboard 2, a followup to the original Rolly Keyboard Bluetooth accessory, for its home market of South Korea. Designed to work with smartphones and tablets, the Rolly Keyboard 2 can unfurl to give you quick access to a standard keyboard and built-in dock to get work done on the go. Once your done, the keyboard can be rolled right back up.

Improving on its predecessor, the Rolly Keyboard 2 now includes five  [Read More…]

New Android Wear smartwatches coming to market

This year at Baselworld, a show held in Switzerland and dubbed “the most important marketplace and trendsetting show for the world’s watch and jewellery industry,” has several announcements in the

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This RAVPower battery bank is the first on the market with Quick Charge 3.0 (Review)

The market is saturated with portable battery chargers. It makes sense since we’re constantly on our phones. We’re a generation that demands instant gratification, and that’s pretty hard to pull off with a

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Chromecast snags 35 percent of global streamer market in 2015, says Strategy Analytics

According to some new research from Strategy Analytics, the Chromecast has taken 35 percent of the global streamer market in 2015. Google, Amazon, Roku and Apple account for 8 out of every 10 streaming media players sold, and the demand for these continues to rise. The company claims that the demand has grown 32 percent in 2015.

It’s noted that Google has shipped more than 27 million Chromecast’s in the two and a half years since  [Read More…]

LG announces Stylus 2 launch plans for Korean market

LG has announced its launch plans for the LG Stylus 2 for the Korean market. As the followup to 2015’s G4 Stylus, the Stylus 2 will be available from Korean carriers in the coming weeks for a price of 396,000 Korean Won (around $ 330). As far as colors are concerned, it looks like customers will have a choice between titanium, brown or white.

To recap, the LG Stylus 2 is firmly in the budget realm, packing  [Read More…]

The joys and pitfalls of an overcrowded mid-range Android market

There’s no shortage of reasons to be excited about mid-range Android phones. But finding the gems in the chaos is a challenge.

If we learned anything from Mobile World Congress, it’s that the mid-range market is going to get even more interesting in 2016 than it was last year. Manufacturers gunning for that $ 300 to $ 400 range are going to get a lot of attention this year, and it’s clear this is because this  [Read More…]