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YouTube TV expands into 10 new markets

Google has announced that YouTube TV will expand into 10 new markets including Dallas, Orlando, Atlanta, Charlotte, and more.

China and India expected to be the biggest smartphone markets by 2019

What will smartphones even look like then, you think?

The United States may be one of the top-selling smartphone markets in the world, but it’s on track to soon be eclipsed by India, according to Statista.

After breaking down smartphone sales over three years (2013-2016) by geographical region, the report concluded that both China and India are headed for the top two spots on the regional sales charts. Today, China is the current leader at 31%, while  [Read More…]

LeEco plans layoffs in India and other markets as it consolidates strategy for 2017

LeEco is downsizing operations as it looks to revamp strategy for 2017.

LeEco hasn’t fared well in recent months, and the company is now planning layoffs in several markets on account of the “overall volatility and uncertainty that is forecast for the global economy.” LeEco will downsize its operations in “all its offices in various geographies,” including India. Toward that effect, LeEco is suspending its plans to sell phones offline via retail stores in the country,  [Read More…]

Facebook rolls out Messenger Lite for emerging markets

Facebook introduced a lightweight version of its Android app earlier this year, and the social network is now doing the same for its messaging platform. Messenger Lite is designed to work on basic Android phones with limited memory and processing power, and in areas with slow internet connectivity.

Much like Facebook Lite, the goal with the barebones Messenger Lite is to get people in developing countries communicate with ease. The app comes in at 10MB, and lets people text  [Read More…]

‘Soft Gold’ OnePlus 3 coming to the U.S. on July 26, other markets on Aug. 1

After a bit of teasing, OnePlus has now announced the launch dates for a new Soft Gold color for the OnePlus 3. Available in the U.S. starting on July 26, and other markets on August 1, the Soft Gold finish comes in addition to the OnePlus 3’s current Graphite color offering.

Here are the exact dates and times you can expect the Soft Gold OnePlus 3 to go on sale in each region, according to OnePlus:

US – July  [Read More…]

LG G5 to begin launching into global markets

Following a successful introduction of the LG G5 at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, LG will expand its reach starting this week. The LG G5 will première in South Korea starting tomorrow on March 31, and in the United States on April 1. Soon after, the G5 will appear in markets in Europe,

LG’s X cam and X screen launch in South Korea this week, other markets to follow

LG has announced that its latest X series of smartphones will begin their global rollout starting this week. The new X cam and X screen from LG will begin their rollout starting with their home market of South Korea before moving on to launch in other markets through Europe, Latin America and Asia afterwards.

To recap, LG’s first two entries in its X series pack firmly middle-of-the-road specs. The X cam’s claim to fame is that is  [Read More…]

Opera Apps Club brings premium app subscriptions to emerging markets

Opera has launched its Apps Club worldwide, a subscription service for premium Android apps that provide developers access to more markets with “all you can download” plans. Consumers, who may have not been able to via traditional store methods due to low credit card penetration, can then take advantage of these offers. Think of it as a Netflix-style subscription service, but instead of just TV shows and films, you can unlock content in supported apps.

These  [Read More…]

LG’s budget K10 and K4 launch in Europe this week, other markets to follow

LG has announced that its latest budget phones, the K10 and K4, will be starting their global rollout in key markets this week. The initial launch will see the two smartphones rolling out across Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). And LG says that the devices will begin landing across Latin America, the Middle East and Asia in the coming weeks.

As a refresher, LG’s K series is meant to offer an attractive design at  [Read More…]

Competition and Markets Authority in the UK clears the BT and EE merger

BT is set to merge with EE, and the company has just received the green light from the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) in the UK. This body has approved the merger, which clears BT’s £12.5 billion acquisition of EE to become the UK’s largest mobile telecoms company. The CMA found that the merger of the two companies would not result in substantial lessening of competition in the UK.

According to findings:

“BT Group plc (BT)  [Read More…]