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Sonos One and Alexa are a match made in heaven

Alexa gets the headlines when it comes to Sonos’ new speaker, but it’s even more assistants and services are coming — and that’s what’s truly exciting.

It’s easy to look at what Sonos announced today in New York City — a new Sonos One speaker, with microphones and Amazon Alexa integration built in, as well as external Alexa support for its older speakers — and think “OK, that’s it. That’s easy.”

Only, that’s not it. And it’s not easy. There’s  [Read More…]

AT&T’s new Primetime tablet is a perfect match for DIRECTV

AT&T has announced a new tablet that plugs into its DIRECTV service.

Cellular-connected tablets have been around since the first iPad, letting users connect to the Internet even when they’re not around Wi-Fi. This was typically associated with light web browsing, as streaming video over a cellular connection is a fast way to burn through a data cap. As more carriers have brought back unlimited plans and zero rating for certain services, the ability to use a tablet as  [Read More…]

Kubo: A Samurai Quest is a immersive Match 3 puzzle game with a lovely soundtrack (review)

I don’t know about you, but I really enjoyed Coraline – the beautiful animation movie with a touching story. Well the team that created this film, LAIKA is also behind a game I recently ended up playing. It’s called Kubo: A Samurai Quest and it’s a Match 3 puzzle game. The game is inspired by […]

Match the Three Stooges is exactly what you think it is (review)

The venerable “match-3” puzzle games run in the dozens in the Play Store; with the main point of variation being theme of which the blocks or items represent, along with the corresponding background, music, and sounds effects. Well, in case you’ve been searching for a match-3 showcasing the timeless comedy and visual appeal that is the

Google reportedly plans to match Apple’s new subscription revenue sharing split

Following Apple’s debut of a new revenue sharing model for app subscriptions, which now allows app publishers to keep 85% of subscription revenues instead of the previous 70%, a new report claims Google plans to match that split.

As reported by Recode, Google’s plans will differ in one significant aspect, however: while Apple requires publishers to stick to the current 70/30 split for the first year a subscriber is paying before switching, Google’s split would take  [Read More…]

The Turcom HR-903 Acoustoshock Bluetooth speaker is built like a tank and has sound quality to match (review)

Wireless speakers are a dime a dozen these days. They’re so commonplace that you can buy speaker at every major retailer, and you can even find them at places like the airport. In general most speakers are pretty much the same, but occasionally we come across different types of speakers that cross into other categories

Huawei Watch review: Does function match design?

Huawei has been making quite the statement in 2015. Other than being one of Google’s partners for the Nexus 6P, Huawei has been releasing a slew of high-quality products that have been turning heads everywhere. Slowly, but surely they have been making a name for themselves, and it’s obviously caught the attention of the big boys in California.

In addition to the various phones that Huawei has introduced, they also entered the Android Wear smartwatch race. The Huawei Watch was  [Read More…]

Google will match your donations to help fund European migrant and refugee relief

It’s hard not to be in the loop regarding the ongoing migrant and refugee crisis in Europe, but Google is preparing to do what it can to aid those currently on the field. The company is asking everyone and anyone to donate to its fundraiser, which will be shared between four front-line charities. What’s more is Google will match your donations at a rate of 1:1, meaning the company will match every penny you donate.

  [Read More…]

U.S. versions of the HTC One M9 getting software update to match global models

There are a few headlines going around this evening about a software update hitting the HTC One M9 that, among other things, brings about some camera updates. That’s obviously a good thing in the case of the M9, which hasn’t exactly left us overly impressed in the camera department.

But context is important here. This update is to bring U.S. models of the M9 in line with the software on the global version, HTC has told us  [Read More…]

Google+ and YouTube comments: A match made in HELL

Policing comments in a mostly anonymous system is almost impossible, so Google tried to fix things.

YouTube is an amazing platform where anyone with a camera and an internet connection can publish videos for the entire world to see for free. From the absolute novice to the professional production studio, YouTube is an invaluable resource for getting video to your users. More than that, though, it’s a platform where viewers can  [Read More…]