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A look at ‘Material’ themes available for the HTC One M9 and Samsung Galaxy S6

With no Google Play edition variants from HTC or Samsung this year, users who crave the unique hardware experiences offered by these companies are once again left wondering what the best way to make their phone feel more like a Nexus could be. One big thing HTC and Samsung have in common this generation is their new theme engines. While the theme systems deployed by HTC and Samsung aren’t exactly the same, there’s been no shortage of  [Read More…]

Download and install latest Google Play Store 5.7.6 APK (Material Design)

The Google Play Store has just received a version bump, bringing it to version 5.7.6 and few minor changes.

What’s New

– tweaks to character animations – updated look for What’s New

Of course, there could be more undisclosed under the hood performance enhancements not immediately noticeable.

If like me you like to be on the cutting edge of developments, you can go ahead and grab the latest Google Play Store 5.7.6 APK from here.

Please appreciate the risk when sideloading  [Read More…]

BlackBerry Messenger gets Material Design overhaul, new Privacy and Control Subscription

BlackBerry Messenger’s latest update brings along with it an all new Material Design, along with a number of new privacy settings and controls. Beyond the visual overhaul, BlackBerry has added a new Privacy and Control Subscription to BBM, which replaces the existing Timed and Retracted Messages Subscription.

Todoist update brings material design makeover,themes, and easier task creation

Todoist is a productivity application that enables users to create and manage tasks easily, and it just received a major overhaul. The app has just been redesigned to meet Google’s Material design guidelines.

“Today, we’re bidding a (not-so-tearful) farewell to a grey, utilitarian Todoist in favor of bold color, beautiful animations, and seamless interactions. After nearly a year of code wrangling and pixel perfecting, Todoist for Android’s Material redesign is finally here! “

What’s New

Quick add tasks by taping the FAB (floating  [Read More…]

Todoist receives huge Material Design update with easier task creation

Todoist received a significant update that brings the task management app in line with Google’s Material Design guidelines.

Also new in the update is the introduction of natural language processing for tasks, which allows you to create tasks — single or recurring — by entering phrases like, “Buy groceries tomorrow” or “Go to the park every Saturday.”

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Dropbox app updated with material design UI

Google was pretty quick to update most of its Android apps with a material design, but some other apps are taking their time to adhere to the Lollipop-friendly style. Today another app has made the material jump.

Dropbox v3.0.0 adds a material design user interface to the popular cloud storage app, complete with a floating action button, slide-out hamburger menu, and even a colored status bar. You can get a peek at this new-look Dropbox app in the screenshots below.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 receives Material Design theme

Were you one of the many people that rushed to procure a shiny new Samsung Galaxy S6 because you needed to have the next big thing? Or maybe you just wanted a new device and the Samsung Galaxy S6 seemed like the natural choice since everyone either has an iPhone (eww) or a Galaxy device. Whatever the case, you are now the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S6 device and with that comes the obligation to use TouchWiz.

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Cyanogen’s email client Boxer gains material design in new update

There seems to be a never-ending quest to solve mobile email problems. The Boxer team a popular alternative to Android’s’ Gmail app believes they have “A Better Inbox”

The integration of Google’s Material Design UI into the email client is the biggest update since its launch back in September. The redesign and app enhancements aim to provide an enriched mobile experience.

Boxer is noteworthy for being the default email client for CyanogenOs. Cyanogen has gone on record and has  [Read More…]

Slack update brings Material Design, notification enhancements, and a speed boost

Slack has released an update to its Android app that aims to make the app not only look better when being used, but perform better as well.

The popular team communication app, Slack has received a large update, bumping it up to version 2.0. Included in this release is an all new Material Design inspired layout, enhancements to notifications, and an overall speed boost.

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Slack 2.0 redesign released with Material Design interface

Today, the popular team communication service, Slack, was updated to 2.0. The new update brings the Material Design UI to the masses, and also improves upon a whole boat-load of other smaller details that were frustrating when using the previous versions. For those who aren’t familiar with Slack, you should be. Well, if you do any online team work, that is.

Slack is THE go-to team communication service available today, and has been making quite a splash since it hit  [Read More…]