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Store what matters with one of the best deals on this 4TB WD Hard Drive

Save your files and some cash in the process.

The WD 4TB Elements USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive is on sale for $ 89.99 at Amazon. This deal brings the drive back down to its lowest price ever there; saving you nearly $ 20 off its average cost in the process.

This compact hard drive is compatible with Windows and Mac computers, though you may need to reformat it for use with Mac. It’s capable of  [Read More…]

Why multi-home support in Google Home matters to everyone

Home View is a beautiful sight to see, and multi-home support means we are so close to a dream my family had for years.

The new Home View experience that Google announced alongside the Google Home Hub made a lot of people cheer, myself included. This simplified, one-stop shop for smart home management and simplified controls was a complete godsend, and the moment that update rolled out to my Google Home app, I immediately dove in to  [Read More…]

Amazon doesn’t own the smartphone, but Alexa is everywhere that matters

No matter who built the phone in your pocket, Amazon has something that works for you — and it’s something you’ll want.

Amazon is changing the way we look at tech companies. That’s a bold statement when you consider how broad the term “tech company” can be, but it’s true. Amazon has become just as vital and innovative as Apple, Google, or Microsoft, and it did it without selling you a phone or computer.

I know I’m  [Read More…]

Samsung’s AR Emoji are better than Animoji in every way but the one that matters

You’re going to see way more AR Emoji than you ever will Animoji.

Apple’s iPhone X launched with a quirky little emoji thing where you can use your face to animate an emoji message to send to your friends. It’s cute, but Samsung’s Galaxy S9 is launching with something far more feature complete and accessible. The new AR Emoji feature is going to see adoption rates well over what Apple has seen with Animoji, but there’s one  [Read More…]

Privacy matters more now than ever — these apps will help

Privacy matters.

It may not matter to you as much as it does to others, but how we control who gets what when it comes to our data and when we communicate is still a very important discussion to have. It matters now more than ever and will matter even more as time goes by because tools and tricks to get unauthorized access to our stuff get better and better.

Here in the United States, there has  [Read More…]

Google Pixel: Why controlling both software and hardware matters

Having control of all things is an important part of the Pixel. It puts the phone’s future, as well as the future of Android itself, in Google’s hands.

The Pixel and Pixel XL are not the first phones from Google. The very first Android phone — the T-Mobile G1 was a Google phone. The Nexus One started a run of phones from Google that lasted up until the Pixel launch, where we found out that the  [Read More…]

It turns out the camera on your phone matters

In last week’s poll we asked how important the camera on your phone was. Many people always carry around their phone, and primarily use the camera there. That means that deciding whether the camera on your phone matters will directly impact how awesome all of your photos look. Trying to decide how much the camera on your phone matters can be difficult when faced with choices, but it’s worth thinking about.

First place  [Read More…]

Simple Matters Ditto review

Introduction Today we are taking a look at the Kickstarted Ditto by Simple Matters. The tagline for the product is “Never miss what’s important.” The Ditto is a small wearable

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Droid Turbo 2 is shatterproof and that’s all that matters (Review)

Over the last couple of years, Motorola has been making its way into our hearts with the Moto X flagship phones and amazing software support. So, when Motorola partnered with Verizon to build a “shatterproof phone” it turned more than just a few heads. Never has anyone actually managed to build a high-end Android phone that was genuinely protected from the daily torture that some people put their phones through that doesn’t look like a boulder with a screen. Could Motorola  [Read More…]

When security matters, only a Nexus will do

Look down at the phone in your hand. Since you’re here reading Android Central, there’s a good chance it’s a high-end, late-model, Android-powered (that’s a lot of hyphens) phone. There’s also a good chance you’re pretty happy with it, and it does the things you want it to do in the way you want them done. Awesome.

Unfortunately, there’s an even better chance that the phone in your hands is woefully out of date when it comes  [Read More…]