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Samsung is caving in to the display notch — maybe even with the Galaxy S10

New ‘Infinity’ displays with cutouts are here, and they’re probably coming to Samsung’s own phones in 2019.

Display notches are definitely “a thing” in modern smartphones, particularly at the high end. If you’re looking to buy a new phone, it’s probably going to have some sort of display notch — tall, short, wide, narrow, curved or angular … it’ll be there. That is, unless you buy a Samsung phone; the company has been staunchly anti-notch, sticking with  [Read More…]

Google will soon sell the LG Watch Style (and maybe Watch Sport) in Canada

The LG Watch Style is coming to Canada just in time for Spring!

Google tends to take a slow-and-steady approach to selling phone-adjacent products in its e-commerce store outside of the U.S. While the LG Watch Sport and Watch Style went on sale in early February in the United States, their expansion has been slow — until now.

Google has put up a waitlist registration page for its LG Watch Style (and, hopefully soon, the Watch Sport)  [Read More…]

Android O may introduce finger gestures and more… but also maybe not

Android’s next set of feature additions may include finger gestures, better copy and paste, and more robust messaging.

Good news comes to those who wait, and those who’ve been waiting for something as menial as the native ability to use finger gestures to come to Android should feel very jovial. An anonymous source from Google told VentureBeat that Android will soon support this specific feature, in addition to several others. Apparently, these features will be confirmed later  [Read More…]

HTC teases something big is coming for “U” on January 12, maybe a smartwatch

CES 2017 is scheduled to be taking place between 5 and 8 January, so we expect top players in the industry to unveil new products during the said dates. However, HTC seems to be saving itself for later. The company has just teased a major announcement coming January 12, 2017. HTC dropped dropped an elusive

Andromeda: How Google can conquer the desktop, figure out tablets — and maybe change Android phones forever

The next stage of Android’s evolution is starting to come into focus. Google’s Andromeda, like the galaxy, is vast, complex and — for the moment — unknowable.

Slowly and quietly, Android has been growing into a desktop OS. (That’s in addition to being a phone OS, a tablet OS, a TV OS and a watch OS.) This year’s 7.0 Nougat release debuted with a feature we’ve still yet to see on any production device: freeform window  [Read More…]

Android Central 305: Recall me maybe

This week, Daniel, Andrew, Jerry and Flo chat about — what else? — the Galaxy Note 7 recall. What Samsung and carriers have done well, and how they’ve let us down. Trust us, there’s a bunch of both.

Plus, the LG V20 is a great big phone, but will it be a great big success for LG when the company really needs one?

And there was another “courageous” phone announcement this week. The team dives deep into the new water  [Read More…]

Galaxy Note 7 ships with Marshmallow, not Nougat — but maybe that’s not a huge deal

The Note 7 runs Android 6.0.1 out of the box — which, for the time being, is still the latest stable version of the OS. But even without Nougat, Note owners aren’t missing out on that much.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 lands at a precarious time on the Android calendar. We’re just reaching the end of the Marshmallow era, with final Android 7.0 Nougat code likely to be released in a matter of weeks. By  [Read More…]

Maybe Google just found its social network after all

YouTube has long been a social network — we just haven’t thought of it the right way. And now with mobile livestreaming, it’s even more important to change that mindset.

Google+ is no Facebook. It’s not supposed to be, and it’s not going to be. (Facebook made sure of that.) And while that’s both good and bad, there’s no denying that there’s power in numbers. And with more than a billion active users every single day, Facebook  [Read More…]

BlackBerry Priv review: Maybe BlackBerry shouldn’t die

I need to start by saying that I’ve never owned a BlackBerry device. I’ve never found them attractive, and as Android grew over the years, that became more true. We’ve seen several platforms die in Android’s wake, such as Palm and Windows phones, but somehow, BlackBerry is still here. But in the trying struggle, something had to give.

Fewer than 700 Jolla Tablets will ever ship; 21,000 backers will eventually maybe get a refund

Just 540 additional Jolla Tablets will be shipped out to backers of the original Indiegogo crowdsourced campaign, according to the Finnish manufacturer. All of the other backers will be offered refunds, but those users may not see their entire amount paid out for a year.

The original campaign in November 2014 generated over $ 2.5 million from 21,637 backers. However, Jolla later got his with financial issues that caused delays for the tablet. It uses  [Read More…]