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Stack multiple $40 PlayStation Plus 1-year memberships to save for years to come

You’ll be thanking yourself years from now.

PlayStation Plus members know how crucial the subscription service is if you enjoy playing multiplayer on the PS4. Though the price of the one-year subscription was ratcheted up by $ 10 earlier this year to $ 60, most PS4 gamers continue to pay Sony monthly or yearly for their membership between $ 5 and $ 8 a month depending on the subscription length purchased. Right now however, you can pick up multiple  [Read More…]

Amazon says Prime memberships jumped by 51 percent in 2015

Tucked away inside of its Q4 2015 earning report, Amazon noted a pretty significant increase in Amazon Prime memberships around the world in 2015. Overall, paid Prime memberships jumped by 51 percent over the course of 2015, with the U.S. seeing a 47 percent increase alone. Amazon doesn’t reveal exactly how many Prime subscribers there are around the world, but a 51 percent jump is impressive nonetheless.

And that growth is clearly driving more customer engagement with  [Read More…]