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Your Moto Z might soon get a QWERTY keyboard slider

BlackBerry made the QWERTY keyboard famous, but other phones have offered such keyboards in the past. Remember the Motorola DROID 4 slider? The phone was released back in 2012, but after that the QWERTY slider disappeared from the Motorola portfolio. Well it seems the QWERTY keyboard will make a comeback soon enough. You’re probably aware […]

Nokia might announce a smartwatch or a wearable soon

If you are a wearable fan, you’re probably familiar with Whitings. The French company which was acquired by Nokia last year, is mostly known for its aesthetically stunning activity trackers. Whitings also has a line of smartwatches called Activite – that brings hybrid features to the table. Now ever since Whitings got acquired by Nokia, […]

LG’s real flagship for 2017 might be the LG V30

In 2016, LG experimented quite a lot. It launched the LG V20 which comes with a secondary display for notifications and unveiled the LG G5 flagship – a modular endeavor. But despite LG’s efforts a creating a worthy modular phone, most customers turned their attention towards other offerings. The same happened to the LG V20 […]

ZTE Hawkeye might swap the Snapdragon 625 for the Snapdragon 835

ZTE’s Hawkeye smartphone was born out of a daring idea – ask the community to come up with an atypical phone prototype and then make it happen. ZTE even asked fans to help name the device, but when the company finally announced the handset the masses were gravely disappointed. But what happened? The eye-tracking, self-adhesive […]

Samsung Hello might soon compete with Google Home, Amazon Echo

It’s expected that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will arrive with a virtual assistant named Bixby. You know who else has a flagship that takes advantage of an AI-driven helper? Google. The Pixel and Pixel XL ship out with the Google Assistant onboard, but the AI companion also lives in the Google’s connected speaker, the Home. […]

New Amazon Tap update might eliminate demand for Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is a smart speaker which comes bundled with all-knowing virtual assistant, Alexa. The popular speaker debuted a few years back and can currently be purchased for $ 179 a pop. Alongside the Echo, Amazon also offers two sibling speakers which were announced last year, the Amazon Tap and Echo Dot. The Amazon Tap is […]

New Nokia N series smartphone might be headed for MWC 2017

At MWC 2017 we expect Nokia to finally announced its comeback Android flagships. But that might not be all the Finnish company has in stored for us. Remember the Nokia N series? It was probably one of the most successful lineups from the company’s golden age. First released in 2005, the Nokia N series included […]

Huawei P10 Plus might take our minds off the Galaxy S8 at MWC 2017

At this point in time we know very well that the Galaxy S8 won’t make a debut at MWC 2017. Over the years, Samsung’s announcement of a new Galaxy S flagship in Barcelona became a tradition, but this year things are going to be a bit different. In 2017, the spotlight is going to shine […]

Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P might get Google Assistant with next, big update

The Google Assistant is currently an exclusive of the Pixel and Pixel XL, but that is bound to change very, very soon. According to information coming to us via 9to5Google’s senior editor, Stephen Hall – it appears that Google is planning to bring the Assistant to the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P with the next […]

The sleek Huawei Honor 8 Lite might be coming to MWC 2017

When we reviewed the Huawei Honor 8 back in 2016, we found it to be a mid-range champion – an affordable yet truly amazing handset, so we almost gave it five stars. Surely, no phone is perfect, but the Honor 8 came pretty close to becoming our favorite affordable device. Well anyway, Huawei is apparently