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AYL Portable Mini Speaker review

Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the AYL Mini Speaker extends to promote a full sound that’s pretty jam-up for its size.

Miniature is the name of the game with this wired speaker. Its compact design collapses when you need to tote for travel, lengthening by a simple twist when it’s time to kick back and enjoy some music. There’s no Bluetooth to be had with the AYL Mini, but that’s where  [Read More…]

Opera Mini review

Compressing your incoming data isn’t without consequence but Opera Mini can save you a bundle of it.

In a world where many of us take for granted high limit or unlimited mobile data plans, it’s easy to forget that it’s not the same for everyone the world over. Truth is, metered plans are more common that truly unlimited ones. And that can mean being frugal with your data in places.

When it comes to saving data,  [Read More…]

Use Android Pay for your Jamba Juice smoothie to earn yourself a mini Android collectable

Popping into your local Jamba Juice? If so, and you’ve used Android Pay in the past, you may wish to opt for contactless payments on your visit to the restaurant. Google has announced on Twitter that should you make use of Android Pay at Jamba Juice, you’ll be able to walk away with not only a refreshing smoothie, but also a small figurine of the Android mascot.

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Get the premium Nubia Z9 Mini octa-core Android 5.0 at a bargain price at Gearbest.com

Chinese phone manufacturers are coming on strong in 2015. An unknown Huawei wasn’t even a thought in our minds just three years ago. Now they are building the premium version of the Nexus line this year for Google while taking market share from Samsung in China. We shouldn’t be surprised as the Chinese have been manufacturing our electronics for many years now.

In comes Nubia. They make premium unlocked phones that are unheard of in the US. You need to  [Read More…]

Need fog for your Halloween party? Get this exclusive deal on the 1byone mini fog machine

Halloween is just around the corner. If you’re the type who loves to have people over and pass candy out to kids, or the type who loves to throw parties for adults, we have just the deal to make your party pop. 1byone has given us a discount code just for you readers on their 400-watt mini fog machine sold through Amazon.com.

The discount code is 92MYNZQX which will drop the price from $ 35.00 to $ 26.99 leaving you  [Read More…]

ZTE reveals details for Axon mini, Axon Watch, more

ZTE on Monday kicked off the week announcing the availability details for its Axon products. Moreover, it also introduced a new model as part of the Axon family, too.

Axon Mini

Joining the ZTE Axon lineup is the Axon mini, a 5.2-inch smartphone powered by an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 processor with 3GB RAM. Internal storage is listed at  [Read More…]

ZTE adds Axon mini and Axon Watch to its flagship lineup

The ZTE Axon launched not too long ago we’ll happily admit surprised us. Not resting on its laurels, though, ZTE has today announced another couple of new additions to the lineup for both your pocket and your wrist.

The new phone is the Axon mini and it’s set to go on sale globally. The wearable is the Axon Watch and for now at least, China only.

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OnePlus to announce the ‘next big step’ in India on October 12, may unveil OnePlus Mini

OnePlus has sent out invites for a media event scheduled for October 12, where CEO Pete Lau and India general manager Vikas Agarwal will “reiterate the relevance of Indian market in the OnePlus growth story and announce The Next Big Step.”

Alleged set of OnePlus Mini specs surfaces

OnePlus, the famous “Flagship Killer” company released their second generation smartphone just this past summer. OnePlus may not be the best at not creating controversy through their awkward marketing campaigns, and they might annoy many through their invite system, but they do know how to make a killer smartphone at a great price. The OnePlus 2 comes loaded with high end specs like the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, 5.5″ HD LCD display, Lollipop, 3GB of RAM and 16GB of memory for  [Read More…]

Latest Opera Mini for Android update lets you save data without breaking websites

Opera Mini for Android sports a nifty data saving feature that lets you access the internet without worrying about hitting your bundle limit. Unfortunately, this does result in websites being severely compressed, making the experience rather ugly and less user-friendly. The company has now added a new “high” setting to the browser, which saves you some data but does not break websites in the process.

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