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What’s the difference: ZTE Blade V8 Pro vs Blade V8 Mini vs Blade V8 Lite

ZTE introduced the ZTE Blade V8 Pro at CES 2017, as an affordable dual-camera phone. Then at MWC 2017, the company pulled off the wraps of two new variants, the Blade V8 Mini and Blade V8 Lite. Now, if are a bit confused about the differences between the three devices, you have come to the […]

ZTE’s Blade V8 Lite and V8 Mini are two new phones meant for the youths

Are you a young millennial? ZTE’s latest mid-range devices are equipped with the hardware you’ll need for living your very best life.

ZTE is launching two new Android-powered smartphone from its youth-oriented line at MWC 2017. The Blade V8 Mini and Blade V8 Lite boast plenty of “features for young people” in addition to stylish metallic chassis.

The Blade V8 Mini sports the same 13-megapixel and 2-megapixel dual-rear cameras featured on the original Blade V8  [Read More…]

Samsung Pay Mini now official in South Korea, will be coming to all Android phones

Samsung rolls out an online payments service that works on all Android phones.

Samsung’s digital payments platform Samsung Pay is available on select Galaxy smartphones in 11 countries. In a bid to increase the reach of its services, Samsung has announced Samsung Pay Mini, an online payments solution that will be available on all Android phones. Samsung Pay Mini will be launching in South Korea later this quarter, and Samsung has said that the service will be  [Read More…]

Samsung Pay Mini for Android phones to become available in Q 2017

Samsung Pay, the platform that allows you to pay for goods and services by simply waving your Samsung device near a credit card terminal, has so far been available only for owners of premium Galaxy devices. However, in early 2017 Samsung launched the middle-range Galaxy A (2017) family which came with Samsung Pay support out

ZTE Axon 7 Mini comes to Canada through Virgin Mobile

The ZTE Axon 7 Mini, which we voted as the best phone you can buy under $ 300, is coming to Canada this week through youth-oriented carrier, Virgin Mobile.

The phone, which will cost $ 49 CAD on a 2-year contract and $ 399 CAD outright, will eschew the MiFavor, um, flavor of Android in favor of a more stock experience, though it will still run Android 6.0.1 out of the box. The other main difference from the U.S.-sold unlocked  [Read More…]

The Belkin Wemo Mini makes your home that much smarter

A question your friendly neighborhood Modern Dad gets a lot is this: Are connected lights worth it? Sure. But there’s a great alternative.

And that alternative is a smart outlet. And we’ve got a brand new one here from Belkin, called the WeMo Mini.

Here’s the gist: It’s a power outlet that, uh, plugs into your power outlet.


It also plugs into your router, which is how it gets smart. Well, as smart  [Read More…]

At just $24 you won’t be afraid to try some tricks with this mini drone

Right now you can pick up Aukey’s mini-drone for just $ 24 at Amazon with coupon code AU2DRONE, a savings of $ 6. You can control this drone with your smartphone, allowing you to fly it just about anywhere, and once you get good at flying it you can even start performing some tricks as well. It takes off and lands easily with just a single tap, and the controls are super responsive so you won’t have to worry about  [Read More…]

Latest Axon 7 Mini update brings VoLTE to more users, December security patch, and camera tweaks

Latest update brings a slew of features to the Axon 7 Mini.

Good news for those of you who recently nabbed an Axon 7 Mini. ZTE has announced a maintenance release for the device, namely a software update that will add VoLTE, Google security patches up to December, and camera enhancements. ZTE says that there are three different builds out right now and the one you have installed will affect the update you receive. For instance, those who were  [Read More…]

ZTE Axon 7, Axon 7 Mini get hefty discounts starting on Black Friday

Not to be outdone by other smartphone makers, ZTE is discounting two of its phones for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and beyond. If you’ve had your eye on the Axon 7 or Axon 7 Mini, you will certainly want to pay attention to this weekend’s deal. We’re talking $ 50 and $ 100 discounts! This year’s savings

Monday’s best deals and discount codes: Bose Soundlink Mini II, Nest Protect CO detector, and the Mee Audio X7 wireless earbuds

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