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Motorola MOTOLUXE and DEFY Mini priced and dated

Android Central

UK online retailer Clove Technology has just revealed when it expects to ship two new mid-range Motorola phones, along with information on exactly how much each device will set you back.

The Motorola MOTOLUXE, which we saw last week at CES, is due in “late February/early March”, for £258 (~$ 400) including VAT. For your money, you’ll get Android 2.3.7 on Motorola’s “Moto Switch 2.0” UI, running an 800MHz processor on a  [Read More…]

MIPS NOVO7 mini review — the ‘first’ Ice Cream Sandwich tablet

But how far did you think $ 99 would get you?

Novo 7

Ice Cream Sandwich, and a 7-inch tablet — two things that (for me) that go great together.  We got our 7-inch Ainol NOVO7 tablet fresh off the boat, and we’re having a look at “The first Android 4.0 tablet in the world.”  We really don’t expect much from these no-name tablets — especially one that retails at less than $ 100,  [Read More…]

MOTOACTV wristwatch morphed into mini Honeycomb Tablet

MOTOACTV wristwatch morphed into mini Honeycomb Tablet

You know the Android-powered MOTOACTV wristwatch that I seem to always write about? Well, a developer by the name of Chris Wade, has morphed this tiny Android device into a mini tablet running Honeycomb. Yes, you heard right. This dude started tinkering  [Read More…]

Android App Mini Review: Mobile Checkbook

Mobile Checkbook Android Central Guest review by Kerri Neill

Mobile Checkbook, a hugely popular personal accounting application on the BlackBerry platform, is now available for Android devices. Mobile Checkbook allows the user to quickly enter in both deposits and withdrawals while maintaining an accurate bank balance on the go.

Mobile Checkbook allows you to ditch that paper transaction register and record their transactions as they occur. You can also transfer  [Read More…]

Logitech Mini Boombox adds boom to your music through Bluetooth


Are you someone who listens to music on a mobile device but think that the latest Kings of Leon album isn’t done justice through your paltry phone speakers? Well, maybe you should add a little more oomph with the Logitech Mini Boombox.

Announced today at a $ 99.99 price point, the Logitech Mini Boombox is a battery-powered  [Read More…]