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Skagen Falster smartwatch review: Minimalist design, minimal features

Maximum nostalgia.

It took far less time for the smartwatch market to cool than the smartphone ecosystem it was supposed to emulate. The interest curve of early adopters to mainstream consumer acceptance seemed to happen fairly quickly, but the falloff was, I think, far more severe than anyone realized.

I’m referring mainly to the Wear OS (née Android Wear) and not to the Apple Watch, which as Apple products usually are, seem to be immune to category  [Read More…]

The invisible home screen: an ultra minimal theme, or excellent April Fool’s Day prank

This theme pulls double duty as an April Fool’s prank and testament to Android’s customizable beauty.

There are few themes that are quite as flexible and adaptable as what I like to call the “invisible” home screen. It’s a theme that could only exist on Android, and it is both high art and farce. It is both a prank and a functional beauty. Setting up this theme is quite easy, it can work with just about any  [Read More…]

Google Pixel 2 XL concept shows front-facing speakers and minimal display

While we anxiously await for the Google Pixel 2 to see if the design will stick to what we know with the first generation Pixel devices or take inspiration from the Galaxy S8, a new concept of the device has surfaced online. Many expect the Pixel 2 to follow the S8’s bezel-less design and naturally […]

DU Battery Saver – Power Saver: Minimal gains with a lot of intrusive ads (review)

The mobile phone industry faces few “technological” limitations it cannot overcome, yet battery technology continues to plague our mobile devices. While we have not developed a new technology to replace our current battery tech, there have been huge strides in software and hardware optimization to make sure our devices are as efficient as possible. DU Battery

Watch Face Roundup: 5 minimal, beautiful watch faces

One of the beautiful things about smartwatches is the ability to change watch faces to your heart’s content. You can have a feature-packed watch face with information from edge to edge, a clutter-free watch face with only the time displayed, or any watch face in between. Today, we’re taking a look at five stark watch

Dock Minimal: Use your tablet in comfort (Review)

Onanoff has built its business a simple idea, build what is basic and necessary for all users. They have built quite the portfolio of products that are simple and durable. Sometimes you may not even know that you could use a product until you see it. That’s why today I bring you one of those products,

[Review] JolyJoy makes minimal design accessible with an LED lamp

I’ve always been somewhat of a minimalist. Whether it’s trying out the One Backpack Lifestyle, or putting together modern architecture boards on Pinterest, I appreciate minimal and modern design. So when I received an LED lamp in them mail by JolyJoy, I was immediately enamored of its sleek look. First Impressions Not only is the

Wallpaper Monday: HD nature, abstract and minimal

Welcome to Wallpaper Monday, a feature where we share some of our favorite wallpapers that we find across the web. No one likes Mondays, so we hope our wallpaper collections

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Open your watch face options with Minimal and Elegant for Android Wear

If you thought minimalist meant there was no information but the time displayed, then boy were you wrong. The Minimal and Elegant watch face is exactly what it claims to be, but is also a gorgeous watch face for Android Wear With access to tons of customizable features, weather, time, and the full date, it tells you everything you need at a glance without appearing cluttered or messy to the eye. If you haven’t checked out this  [Read More…]

ULTRAFLOW: dead simple premise, minimal graphics, but maddening fun


Face it, we all have a few minutes of downtime throughout our days. Whether we’re waiting for the microwave to finish or the spouse to finish getting dressed, we’ve got time to kill. For many of us, we whip out our phone to get in a couple of minutes of phone-to-face time. Lately, one game, ULTRAFLOW, has been climbing up the charts, grabbing the  [Read More…]