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Sensel pressure sensors could bring back your phone’s missing edge

Sensel can put touch anywhere, whether you want it or not.

What you need to know Sensel’s Pressure Grid technology is more flexible than current touch technology. These sensors can work in rain, with gloves on, and beneath a variety of materials. Sensel sensors can detect pressure from a scant one gram up to five kilograms.

Sensor company Sensel makes a touch-sensitive “Pressure Grid” technology that offers precision and force sensitivity without many of the drawbacks of  [Read More…]

Android Auto missing on your phone? Here’s how to get it back

Google has been on a campaign of late to make Android Auto less an app and more of a background process. They announced the demise of the standalone app for phones (and then back off that idea a bit). More recently, they’ve made the app icon for Android Auto for cars hidden in some versions of Android 10.

What Do We Want to Happen?

Fortunately, there’s a way to bring it back to your launcher if you find it missing.  [Read More…]

Is Disney+ missing any content for Canadian viewers?

Best answer: You’ll find almost all classic Disney animated and live-action features and shorts, the majority of the Marvel cinematic universe, Pixar’s full catalog, and National Geographic. It also features content from Twentieth Century Fox, including 30 seasons of The Simpsons, which should be well worth the subscription price on its own.

All Disney all the time: Disney+ ($ 9/month at Disney+) Disney+ is a great value for Canadians

In the lead up to the launch of  [Read More…]

Slack DMs and starred channels missing for some users

Conversations still remain accessible from search.

What you need to know Slack DMs and starred channels are missing from the sidebar for some users today. Slack has acknowledged the issue and is working on a fix. It appears you can still access missing conversations via the search bar.

If you’ve noticed your Slack DMs and starred channels have gone missing from the sidebar today, you’re not alone. Slack has acknowledged the issue and is working on a  [Read More…]

Galaxy Note 10 renders reveal new color and missing power button

Where or where did the power button go?

What you need to know New renders for the Note 10 show the phone in Silver and Black colors. There doesn’t appear to be a power button on the right side of the phone. Samsung will announce the Note 10 on August 7 at its Unpacked event.

We’re just a few short weeks away from Samsung’s big Unpacked event that’s taking place on August 7. Leading up to that,  [Read More…]

YouTube Music is still missing so much 1 year after its relaunch

Buried under a mountain of bugs and absences, YouTube Music is straining even the most patient of users.

One year ago, I wrote that YouTube Music was a mixtape full of promise, with predictive algorithms that are scarily good and selection like no other, but today, it’s hard to defend the service when it is still missing so much. Granted, there have been advancements and meaningful features added in the last year, especially in the last six  [Read More…]

Missing out on VR? Here are the best PlayStation VR bundles

Join the virtual reality (VR) family with your very own PlayStation VR (PSVR) system. The PSVR has one of the easiest setup instructions for beginners and has a light headset that comfortably fits glasses. With an ever-growing list of titles coming out each month and plenty of genres to catch your interest, you won’t get bored of this console anytime soon. If you’re looking to save money, but still want a headset of your own, here are some of the  [Read More…]

U.S. customers are missing out on the latest phone innovations

The U.S. may be the world’s largest smartphone market, but it’s not the most exciting.

The U.S. is the world’s largest smartphone market, but lately, it has been missing out on new innovations in phone design. Over the last 12 months, we’ve seen a sea of change in smartphone design. Manufacturers adopted new and innovative ways to reduce bezels, with cutouts being the default option.

We’ve also seen a few companies like Vivo and OPPO introduce pop-up  [Read More…]

Top 5 features Chrome OS is missing

These are niche, but they’d be appreciated.

Chrome OS already handles the basics of a desktop and laptop operating system down. So much so, that unless you need a specific application that’s only on macOS or Windows, you can happily use a Chromebook as your only device. It’ll be fast, it’ll be secure and it will only get better over time.

But that’s not to say Chrome OS still doesn’t have room to grow. It’s making Linux  [Read More…]

Spotify Lite is now on the Play Store and missing a ton of features

What sort of “lite” app doesn’t let you download songs?

Over the past few years, companies like Twitter, Instagram, and more have created “lite” versions of their mobile apps that take up less space, use less data, and can run better on slower hardware. Spotify is the latest company to follow this trend with its new Spotify Lite app, and while it looks good on the surface, Spotify might have made this a little too lite.

Talking  [Read More…]