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Top 5 features Chrome OS is missing

These are niche, but they’d be appreciated.

Chrome OS already handles the basics of a desktop and laptop operating system down. So much so, that unless you need a specific application that’s only on macOS or Windows, you can happily use a Chromebook as your only device. It’ll be fast, it’ll be secure and it will only get better over time.

But that’s not to say Chrome OS still doesn’t have room to grow. It’s making Linux  [Read More…]

Spotify Lite is now on the Play Store and missing a ton of features

What sort of “lite” app doesn’t let you download songs?

Over the past few years, companies like Twitter, Instagram, and more have created “lite” versions of their mobile apps that take up less space, use less data, and can run better on slower hardware. Spotify is the latest company to follow this trend with its new Spotify Lite app, and while it looks good on the surface, Spotify might have made this a little too lite.

Talking  [Read More…]

Here’s are all the features YouTube Music is still missing

Google’s newest music service may be shiny and new, but it’s still quite lacking.

Youtube Music is a hybrid music service with a lot of promise and an unparalleled library to tap into. Unfortunately, all that potential is held down by how many things — including very, very basic things — the service and its apps are still missing. YouTube Music is already working on some of the items on this list, and hopefully we’ll be able  [Read More…]

Stop missing deadlines and grab a lifetime license of Aeon Timeline 2 for $19.99

Isn’t it time you start acting responsibly? Pick up a lifetime license to Aeon Timeline 2 and you’ll be better organized and ready to hit deadlines and goals in a timely manner. Save 60% through our store today!

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Sara Is Missing: Prepare to be entertained in a horrific way (Review)

If you are a fan of horror games and you own a console, then you have a plethora of choices at your disposition, thanks to years of success of franchises like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. However, if you only game on your Android devices, the choices become more limited. Sure, there are some available, […]

New in-hand Google Pixel 2 leak confirms design elements, missing headphone jack

This is Google’s new phone.

We got our first look at the Google Pixel 2 last week, and now we have a fresh pair of photos showing both sides of the phone that corroborate with the first set. The photos show an early development unit — laden with barcodes, naturally — but in much better lighting with the context of being in-hand.

There’s nothing particularly new or shocking about the hardware here, but it does help  [Read More…]

Already missing Silicon Valley? Then you’ll want to download this app

Find out if what you’re eating is a hot dog — or not.

HBO’s famed show about the Silicon Valley has officially aired its last episode for the season, but don’t fret! There’s an app available to help tide you over until the next season.

That’s right, Jian-Yang’s venerable Not Hotdog app is in the Google Play Store. It’s ridiculous, and it doesn’t do much save for identifying if whether or not  [Read More…]

For less than $15, you can add this missing feature to the OnePlus 5

The OnePlus 5 is out and it looks pretty great… except for one thing.

The OnePlus 5 has landed and it looks top shelf — featuring high-end specs, blazing fast charging speeds and that premium build quality that OnePlus is known.

But the one thing that is missing (besides water resistance, I guess) is support for microSD expandable memory. If you end up settling for the 64GB model, you might feel the storage crunch sooner than if  [Read More…]

The biggest feature Google Play is missing: Gifting content

It’s time to start thinking of presents for the loved ones in your life. Google Play won’t be much help for it, though.

Google Play has been around for a few years, and while it’s caught up to iTunes and the App Store in several areas, there’s one feature that is noticeably, and sometimes painfully absent. Ever find an app you want to buy a friend? Want to send an album to a special someone? Welp,  [Read More…]

Super Stacker is a kids’ block-stacking game that’s missing the big crash (review)

As kids, most of us played a game, be it with branded blocks or whatever items we had lying around, where each player would take a turn adding another block onto the previous one. This would create a growing tower, balanced by the skill of the stacking players. Turns would be taken, and higher the