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Samsung unveils the first 8GB LPDDR4 mobile DRAM module

Back in December 2014, Samsung rolled out its 4GB LPDDR4 mobile DRAM package, enabling smartphones to have 4GB of RAM. The company has now announced the industry’s first 8GB LPDDR4 DRAM module aimed at high-end mobile phones, ultra-thin notebooks, and tablets.

The DRAM module is manufactured using a 10nm process, and sees four 16 gigabit (2GB) LPDDR4 memory chips stacked to create an 8GB module. The memory operates at up to 4266Mbps, which when transmitted over  [Read More…]

5 important steps to avoid when building a mobile site

Mobile devices are becoming more capable all the time, and their increasing power means they’re even supplanting desktops and laptops for many users. While many of the core elements of strong website development are similar on both mobile and traditional devices, there are a number of additional factors to consider as well. Here are five

Sony dives deeper into mobile market

Sony has announced that it will be releasing a handful of mobile games for both iOS and Android by March of 2018. In the past, Sony has dipped their toes in the mobile market with Playstation branded mobile games. Now they look to go full-on with a handful of internally developed games for both iOS and

Chrooma Keyboard – Emoji: Enjoy using your mobile keyboard

Your phone’s keyboard, one of the most used pieces of software on your device, and the one you have thought the least about. Like many, I use my phone for my job, to communicate with friends and family, to plan social events, and to keep my schedule for both my work and social life in

What to know about online mobile recharges

For mobile phone users in India, it’s more important than ever to find clever ways to save money on recharges. In the past, many phone users in India went to brick-and-mortar stores to recharge their mobile and DTH bills, but in recent years, more and more consumers are opting to use online stores instead for

50 Mosaic wallpapers for your mobile devices

It’s been too long since our last wallpaper post. This time around we’ve gathered 50 HD and QHD images of mosaic wallpapers for your mobile device backgrounds. Some of the wallpapers might be a bit busy for some of you, but for others these images will show off the power of your displays. In order

Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile call up LG Tribute HD

Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile have started off the week by offering up a new smartphone for their respective services. Starting from today, the LG Tribute HD can be purchased through each website. Both Boost and Virgin are prepaid brands which utilize the Sprint network for coverage. Moreover, the LG Tribute HD is a low-cost

Five steps to optimizing a mobile friendly website

In the past few years, the mobile influence has steadily grown. Today, the majority of people prefer to use small screen smart devices to browse the web. In this nonstop, hectic culture, it is often simply faster, easier and more convenient to just search and shop online anytime a few free minutes present themselves. In

Mobile Nations Weekly: Pixeling, retargeting, and pivoting

Google ramps up to Pixel, BlackBerry ramps down hardware, and Lenovo’s Yoga is coming in hot for landing.

Coming soon from a Google near you: Pixel. Tuesday will bring the follow-ups to the Nexus line of “pure” Android phones, but this time Google’s making more of a Google phone. There have been some leaks, but there’s a lot we don’t know and are looking forward to. And we might just get to hear something about the  [Read More…]

Features that every online store needs for mobile users

With smartphones making up a huge portion of online commerce, every e-store in the world – if they haven’t already – must tailor their website for mobile users, not to mention for Google as well. When viewing a page on the small screen, a potential shopper who has to pinch and zoom, endlessly scroll left