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ARM’s new CPU and GPU will turbocharge mobile VR

At Computex 2016, ARM unveiled the Cortex A73 CPU and Mali G71 GPU, both of which will make their way into 2017 flagships. The Cortex A73 is 30% more energy efficient when seen against the Cortex A72, offering a 30% increase in performance. The highlight with the Cortex A73 is that it is able to sustain its peak performance for twice as long as its predecessor, which means that you’ll be less prone to see lags  [Read More…]

Mobile Nations Weekly: Gems, Java, and smarts

Google wins in court, ZTE goes big, Tesla ramps up, Apple on the defensive, and the return of Windows Central Gems!

Windows Central Gems is back! With support from Microsoft we’re checking out some great and maybe overlooked apps across the Microsoft ecosystem — and giving away a bunch of great prizes to boot!

Google just scored a big win in its ongoing court battle with Oracle over Java APIs. It’s far from the end of  [Read More…]

Mobile Nations Weekly: Google In-and-Out

Google I/O, on the Google campus, where Google unveils all the new Google things…

So, there was this little thing out in California called Google I/O. Only a few small announcements: like Google taking on Amazon Echo, two new messaging apps, built-in VR for Android, apps that only download the parts you need as you need them, and a whole new smart assistant. Oh, and Android Wear 2.0 and Android apps on Chrome OS, which is  [Read More…]

150 Minimalist HD wallpapers for your mobile devices

The wallpapers on our smartphones, tablets and computers can speak volumes about who we are. Today’s collection of wallpapers represents those who prefer simple and minimal things with our collection of 150 HD and QHD Minimalist wallpapers. We’ve changed things up lately and will be sharing the entire collection through Google Photos rather than hosting them

Rocket VPN: Fast, Secure, Mobile (Review)

VPNs have their place in the world. They allow users to do many things, such as enter a secure network, emulate a physical location, and browse securely. A few days ago Jason reviewed SaferVPN. Today, I bring you Rocket VPN, by Liquidum Limited. Rocket VPN is a great tool for many of your VPN needs at

Mobile Nations Weekly: Looking, planning, and debugging ahead

This week is brought to you by the future.

The whole Android world is looking ahead for Google I/O 2016. Google’s already unveiled and released a preview of Android N, so it’s anybody’s guess what exactly they’ll have on tap. VR? Smart speakers? Self-driving dirigibles? Tune in next week to find out!

As for Apple, there was a brouhaha over a supposed Apple Music bug that was deleting locally-stored music, but Apple says that is an  [Read More…]

Boost Mobile now offers $65-a-month plan for two lines, each with 10GB of data

Boost Mobile is now offering a new $ 65-a-month plan (with Auto Re-Boost) for two lines. Each line will be able to access 10GB of high-speed data on Sprint’s network.

The no-contract carrier’s normal price for this plan is $ 70 a month, but customers can save $ 5 a month if they include the Auto Re-Boost option, which automatically charges the account of the user. The discount will begin in the second month of the  [Read More…]

FTC and FCC to both study security updates in the mobile industry

Security has been a sore spot for Android since its inception. With so many manufacturers making Android devices with their own customizations, it became impossible for Google to control updates. Instead, it has been up to the manufacturers to update devices.

With new exploits constantly being found and security being a hot topic, both the FTC and FCC launched separate inquiries into the security update practices in the mobile industry. The FTC is looking into Apple, BlackBerry, Google, HTC, LG, Microsoft,  [Read More…]

Is Wind Mobile worth it?

Saving money with Wind Mobile comes with some caveats.

Where I live, there are two choices for mobile service: fast but expensive; and slow, but far less expensive. The former category dominated by three companies, Rogers, Bell, and Telus, along with its myriad flanker brands like Fido, Virgin Mobile, and Koodo. The latter is comprised by a single provider — Wind Mobile — on which many Canadians increasingly rest their hopes for a low-cost alternative to the Big  [Read More…]

Mobile Nations Weekly: Lock it down

Software updates, financial updates, stealth updates, and account updates.

Tesla had a huge week, starting off with their quarterly earnings call — they’re still losing money, in case you were concerned. No, what’s actually interesting is that Tesla is dramatically accelerating their production timeline, shooting to be producing 500,000 cars a year by 2018 — they plan to make 80,000-90,000 cars in 2016. They also executed a stealth upgrade option — some new Model S cars  [Read More…]