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120 HD psychedelic, colorful and bright wallpapers for your mobile devices

Happy Sunday. With today’s wallpaper collection, we have gathered 120 HD and QHD images from around the web that are downright psychedelic. They’re loud, bright, colorful and will look fantastic on your smartphones, tablets, and computers. In order to reduce the strain on our servers due to the popularity of wallpapers, we’ve moved the majority

Mobile Nations Weekly: Ramp up

Yet another Android security scare, yet more MacBook rumors, and yet even more Windows 10 builds.

Android’s open nature doesn’t mean that it’s any more vulnerable to security threats than any other OS. But it does mean that it’s more vulnerable to the perception of being more vulnerable. Case in point: the so-called “QuadRooter” vulnerability — lots of smoke and lots of people blowing it around, but a tiny little fire.

LG’s V20 is shaping up  [Read More…]

Essential mobile marketing trends making an impact in 2016

Consider the following statistics that demonstrate just how pervasive the mobile world is. First, according to KPCB mobile technology trend findings, mobile digital media time is quite a bit higher than desktop usage, at 51% versus 42%. This statistic alone is enough to show that if marketers aren’t able to adequately reach their audience through

Essential ways to keep your business mobile device secure

If you use any kind of mobile device, including smartphones or tablets, security and safety are probably already a top concern, but this can become even more relevant if you’re using your mobile device to work. Even if you’re not using your cell phone as your primary mode for completing work, more than likely you

Mobile Nations Weekly: Seven One Ten

Samsung’s new Note and Microsoft’s new Xbox: head-to-head.

It’s time. Time for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It’s both a huge release for Samsung and something of an iteration at the same time. It retains a lot of the design language of the latest Note and S lines with a refined aesthetic, and is practically the same phone inside as the S7, but goes all-in on the big (and curved) display, S Pen stylus, and even  [Read More…]

Google to sprinkle quick-loading AMP pages throughout mobile search results

Google will soon offer Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) as part of its larger set of search results in Chrome and other mobile browsers. While these pages have previously surfaced in the Top Stories section of mobile searches, the company will soon be mixing them in with standard results.

From Google:

To clarify, this is not a ranking change for sites. As a result of the growth of AMP beyond publishers, we wanted to make it easier  [Read More…]

Mobile Nations Weekly: Anniversary Update

BlackBerry’s newest phone is a new approach and Microsoft ramps up for the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Microsoft is updating in a big way — the week past brought a huge update for the Xbox One and the week ahead will be bringing the huge Windows 10 Anniversary Update to PCs. The Xbox update brings the console’s feature set even closer to that of core Windows, including the addition of Windows 10 app support and Microsoft’s  [Read More…]

Sony records $205 million profit in Q2 2016, mobile unit finally in the black

Sony has posted its financial results for the quarter ending in June, announcing a modest $ 205 million (¥21.2 billion) operating profit. That’s down from the $ 780 million (¥84.2 billion) recorded during the same period last year. One of the company’s image sensor factories was affected by an earthquake earlier this year, leading to an overall revenue decline of 11% to $ 15.6 billion (¥1.61 trillion).

Sony’s mobile unit saw a 33% decrease in sales,  [Read More…]

LG posts Q2 profit in spite of $132 million loss from the mobile unit

LG has announced its Q2 2016 earnings, recording an operating profit of $ 503.1 million (584.6 billion won) over revenues of $ 12.05 billion (14 trillion won). Strong sales of home appliances and TVs offset the mobile unit’s operating loss of $ 132 million.

LG’s mobile unit recorded a $ 170 million loss in the last quarter as well. The LG G5 managed to net a 12% increase in revenue from the previous quarter to $  [Read More…]

Mobile Nations Weekly: Modular, mainstream, McLaren

Moto’s modular masterpiece and Nokia’s never known novelty.

Motorola’s latest phones — the Moto Z and Moto Z Force have at long last arrived, but with a catch: they’re Verizon “Droid”-brand exclusives for now. But give it a little while and the modular-backed smartphones will be available elsewhere. And even though the BlackBerry Security Summit was all about, well, security, we couldn’t help but wander about new BlackBerry devices — word on that is coming next  [Read More…]