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Western Digital’s new mobile storage is ready for the 5G era

Downloading things superfast is only half the battle.

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, 5G is the big buzz at Mobile World Congress this year. But being able to download data to your phone, tablet or laptop with lightning speed is only half the battle. Enter Western Digital with its new embedded flash storage for the new era of 5G devices.

The iNAND MC EU511 (don’t get hung up on the name) is built on Western Digital’s  [Read More…]

LG annouces G8 ThinQ and V50 5G at Mobile World Congress

LG has never been the OEM to shy away from trying new things in the mobile space. From the ultra-wide cameras to a modular phone, LG has spearheaded the frontier of many tech ideas. This year is no different as LG is one of the first ones to hit the market with a 5G phone and a new LG G8 that can read your bloodlines?

LG G50 ThinQ 5G

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Get to Know: Unreal Mobile

Most of us can identify the bigger names in the wireless network space as we routinely see advertising from Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. These so-called “Big Four” pretty much own the landscape.

But, for each of the aforementioned service providers listed above there are others out there vying for your attention and money. Most of these smaller outfits license and use the towers and infrastructure from tier one players but offer their own rates, customer service, and phone selection.

You might have seen  [Read More…]

Ultra Mobile expands unlimited calling to 80 plus destinations and closes in on 1 billion international minutes

The nationwide carrier Ultra Mobile has announced that it is expanding its unlimited calling plans to over 80 international locations. With this announcement, Ultra Mobile is expected to go from over 900,000,000 international minutes in the past 12 months to over one billion in 2019.

Ultra Mobile’s recent expansion includes a host of new countries including Algeria, Angola, Bhutan, Brunei, Japan, Namibia, Northern Mariana Islands, Pakistan, and the United Arab Emirates. Plus, you’ll still be able to call many popular destinations  [Read More…]

Get to Know: FreedomPop Mobile

While they each seem like a necessary evil, the big guns of mobile have gotten incresaingly greedier and more expensive at every turn. The plans from the likes of Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and even Sprint cost more than some average households are willing to cough up each month. Thankfully, Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) may offer a solution.

For those that don’t know, MVNOs lease the same towers from the aforementioned carriers to allow customers to connect at a discounted  [Read More…]

Mobile Fortnite players deserve the SteelSeries Stratus XL controller

We love gaming on Android, and test as many gaming peripherals as possible to give you the best advice on top-tier products.

Everyone’s favorite battle royale finally supports Bluetooth controllers on mobile. This has been a long time coming for Fortnite, and you’ll likely want the best possible controller to get your game on. You shouldn’t look any further than the SteelSeries Stratus XL.

Our pick SteelSeries Stratus XL

$ 38 at Amazon

The  [Read More…]

Five mobile data usage tracking and monitoring apps for Android

While it is a good thing that the mobile internet speeds have substantially increased, it is also sad to know that so have the prices we pay for using them. Even though some mobile carriers offer mobile data plans with unlimited data, not a lot of people opt for them either because they are too expensive or they think they might not need unlimited mobile data.

However, more often than not we might end up using a lot more data  [Read More…]

Mint Mobile give users more data for the money

There are two types of mobile carriers in the United States: national carriers and MVNOs. National carriers like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile command higher prices for faster data speeds and benefits like better customer service, free Amazon Prime, or Netflix.

MVNO, or Mobile Virtual Network Operators, are smaller carriers that lease tower space from the big four. You can often save a ton of money with these plans — but you may run into slower data speeds or less  [Read More…]

Code like a pro – Learn to build websites and mobile apps for only $12

Having a website is one of the most important factors to success for people who want to grow their personal brands or businesses. You will have a tough time competing with others if you don’t have an online presence. Fortunately, the tools to create one are better than ever — even if you have no experience.

Why not make 2019 the year you learn to code websites and/or mobile apps? It’s easier than you think and we’ve got a tremendous  [Read More…]

Twitter’s mobile web app is a fantastic lightweight Twitter experience

This tiny little ‘app’ provides a complete Twitter experience without all of the bloat.

I gave up on using third-party Twitter apps a long time ago. I finally got fed up with the authorization token limit workarounds, missing features, sync problems and wonky notifications. But in a typical “the grass is always greener” situation, Twitter’s official app has its own problems. The notification system is often funky for me, not loading content in the background despite sending  [Read More…]