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FTC and FCC to both study security updates in the mobile industry

Security has been a sore spot for Android since its inception. With so many manufacturers making Android devices with their own customizations, it became impossible for Google to control updates. Instead, it has been up to the manufacturers to update devices.

With new exploits constantly being found and security being a hot topic, both the FTC and FCC launched separate inquiries into the security update practices in the mobile industry. The FTC is looking into Apple, BlackBerry, Google, HTC, LG, Microsoft,  [Read More…]

Is Wind Mobile worth it?

Saving money with Wind Mobile comes with some caveats.

Where I live, there are two choices for mobile service: fast but expensive; and slow, but far less expensive. The former category dominated by three companies, Rogers, Bell, and Telus, along with its myriad flanker brands like Fido, Virgin Mobile, and Koodo. The latter is comprised by a single provider — Wind Mobile — on which many Canadians increasingly rest their hopes for a low-cost alternative to the Big  [Read More…]

Mobile Nations Weekly: Lock it down

Software updates, financial updates, stealth updates, and account updates.

Tesla had a huge week, starting off with their quarterly earnings call — they’re still losing money, in case you were concerned. No, what’s actually interesting is that Tesla is dramatically accelerating their production timeline, shooting to be producing 500,000 cars a year by 2018 — they plan to make 80,000-90,000 cars in 2016. They also executed a stealth upgrade option — some new Model S cars  [Read More…]

50 rich and colorful geometric wallpapers for your mobile devices (HD and QHD resolution)

We’ve put together 50 colorful and geometric wallpapers for you to enjoy on your mobile devices. You can also use them as your desktop backgrounds. All images are QHD or HD resolution so they should look fantastic on your displays. We’ve changed things up lately and will be sharing the entire collection through Google Photos rather

Battleborn Tap mobile title lets you take rewards back to the main game

Gearbox Software and 2K Games have released Battleborn Tap, a free-to-play game that offers players rewards for the just launched Battleborn MOBA shooter on the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Battleborn Tap allows players to control a squad of heroes on an alien planet so they can defeat waves of enemies. Here’s a look at its main features:

Unlock, hire, and command your heroes to dominate the field of battle Collect loot by defeating  [Read More…]

Mobile Nations Weekly: A little bit of give and take

The tech gods giveth and the tech gods taketh.

The news this week around Apple revolved around money. Apple reported their quarterly earnings, and while they were right in track with what Apple had predicted, it was the first time that Apple saw a year-over-year drop thanks to a slip in iPhone sales. And Wall Street lost its collective mind despite Apple’s forecasting of a great-but-not-spectacular quarter three months prior.

Oh, happy day — Facebook and  [Read More…]

Mobile Nations Community Update, April 2016

Time again for the Mobile Nations Community Update! That’s right, it’s time to roundup some of the best stuff happening around Android Central, Connectedly, CrackBerry, iMore, and Windows Central.

Sony records huge net profit in 2015 even as mobile sales decline

Sony has announced its earnings for the financial year 2015, and the vendor has recorded its largest increase in profit since 2007. Net profit increased by 666.7% to ¥304.5 billion ($ 2.7 billion), and operating profit shot up 329% to ¥294.2 billion ($ 2.6 billion). The spurt in profits is due to continued demand for the PlayStation 4, with the games division witnessing an 84.3% increase in operating income to ¥88.7 billion ($ 785 million) and a 11% increase in  [Read More…]

Wind Mobile beefs up network coverage in Calgary area

If you’re a Wind Mobile customer in the Calgary, Alberta area, you should begin seeing better cellular coverage and faster LTE speeds across the board. That’s because Wind Mobile has announced the completion of a major network upgrade that should improve overall performance for customers in the area.

Wind Mobile notes that this completes its second major network upgrade in its Western market. The carrier isn’t done, however, as it says that work has already begun on  [Read More…]

Tesco Mobile will let you use your phone abroad for free this summer

Tesco Mobile will be letting customers in the UK use their mobile phones abroad for free, without incurring any remaining charges. The UK mobile network will unlock free access to and from 31 European countries, but only for a limited time through summer.

As noted by Engadget, the initiative – titled “Home from Home” – will only be available to eligible customers between May 23 and September 3. Both pay monthly and pay-as-you-go customers will be  [Read More…]