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Mobile World Congress 2012, aka the quad-core phone show


Mobile World Congress is less than a month away in Barcelona and the anticipation is quickly building for the gadgets that will be announced. We expect to see all kinds of Android devices from tablets to TVs, but the star of the show will be smartphones. And at this year’s show a particular kind of smartphone will take center stage: the quad-core-powered-beast.

Why do you need quad-core performance in a phone?  [Read More…]

Walt Disney Japan and NTT Docomo introduce ‘Disney Mobile on Docomo’

Disney Mobile on Docomo

NTT Docomo has announced their new partnership with Walt Disney Japan to create the Disney Mobile on Docomo brand.  Docomo is an official corporate sponsor at Disneyland Tokyo and DisneySea Tokyo, and “special customer benefits” also will be offered from this spring at both locations for subscribers with the new phones.  Yes, they also announced to Android phones under the new brand — the F-08D (that’s the pink model  [Read More…]

Samsung: No Galaxy S II successor at Mobile World Congress

Galaxy S III unveiling due at Samsung event in first half of year

Android Central

Android Central at Mobile World Congress We’ve heard the rumors, and gone over the possibility in an editorial, but now we have it straight from the horse’s mouth — the Samsung Galaxy S III will not be making its debut at Mobile World Congress. In a statement released today, the Korean  [Read More…]

Galaxy S III not coming to Mobile World Congress, and that might be a good thing

Galaxy S III not coming to Mobile World Congress, and that might be a good thing

Samsung earlier this morning confirmed to TechRadar.com that the Galaxy S III will not be launching at Mobile World Congress later this  [Read More…]

Rumor: Samsung to announce 2 GHz Galaxy Tab at Mobile World Congress


Samsung might be holding their Galaxy S III from next month’s Mobile World Congress show, but that doesn’t mean this will be a quiet show for them. Thanks to a little digging around I did during CES and some other recent news, I now believe I know what Samsung will introduce in its place. Read on for the full rumor report.

The Rumor

Samsung will announce the next-generation of the Galaxy  [Read More…]

Yahoo cleaning house, lays some of their mobile apps to rest


I’m not exactly sure how many folks out there use apps from Yahoo but if you’re among those that do, you’ll want to check the list below. Reason being – Yahoo is laying some of their mobile apps to rest to focus on a whole new set of apps that more so meet users needs. So what apps got the cut?

Yahoo! Meme (iPad and iPhone) Yahoo! Mim (iPad) Yahoo! Answers (Android) Yahoo!  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy S III rumored to miss Mobile World Congress

Samsung Unpacked

Here’s an interesting rumor. Chris Ziegler of The Verge along with several other German sites are reporting that Samsung will not be announcing their flagship Galaxy S III smartphone at the upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.

This comes as a surprise because Samsung unveiled their Galaxy S II and Galaxy Tab 10.1 last year at their Unpacked event, the day before MWC kicked off. Many were expecting a repeat  [Read More…]

Lookout launches Mobile Threat Tracker, visually represents malware around the globe

Lookout Mobile Threat Tracker

Lookout has released a neat new application this morning — Mobile Threat Tracker.  What it does is tell you where and when users running Lookout have came across malware in their mobile devices. How it does it is the cool part — the results are updated hourly, and when you start the app you get an animated timeline where individual malware “hits” are represented as tiny shafts of light  [Read More…]

LG Optimus 3D successor to come during Mobile World Congress

lg cx2

It has been almost a year since LG set foot on stage at MWC, announcing the LG Optimus 3D (known as LG Thrill 4G in the US). This device was pretty exciting and revolutionary. Very few manufacturers have a glasses-free 3D option for their customers. Though an impressive device, most users expected more from the Optimus 3D. It seems LG is trying to make things better with a successor  [Read More…]

Huawei’s Diamond series smartphones set to shine at Mobile World Congress


Huawei has yet to make a real impact on the American market with the handsets they’ve released so far, but CES 2012 left us yearning for more. When Huawei unveiled the Ascend P1 S, they made it clear just how badly they want to break out of the prepaid, free-on-contract market in the US, and into the high-end. Unveiling the world’s thinnest smartphone with Android 4.0, a qHD Super AMOLED display,  [Read More…]