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NVIDIA CEO opens up on the future of mobile processors; reaffirms quad-core availability by Q4 2011


In a recent sit-down with reporters, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang was, as usual, not afraid to talk some serious business. Huang opened up on the future of Android tablets, quad-core processors and NVIDIA’s continued role as a hardware manufacturer.

In the eyes of Jen-Hsun Huang, the future of a mobile processor manufacturer is a bright one. As of right now, Huang estimates some 100 million devices are in need of mobile  [Read More…]

Verizon Kicks of NFL Season with Updated NFL Mobile App

Verizon has issued an updated version of their NFL Mobile application just in time for the NFL season to kick off. The key feature this time around is the inclusion of live streaming for ESPN’s Monday Night Football, which gets started on September 12th with a double header (New England Patriots vs Miami Dolphins, Oakland Raiders vs Denver Broncos)!  Other details include demand access to NFL Films, videos  [Read More…]

PogoPlug Mobile Offers Unified Streaming, Sharing, Automatic Backup

Pogoplug has announced their first mobile-focused, multimedia streaming hardware product today, the Pogoplug Mobile. What does it do? Oh that’s easy… and awesome. It serves as companion to their cloud service and allows users to stream their music, movies, photos from home to an Android (or iOS) device. Pogoplug Mobile not only streams and shares, but the Auto-Import feature automatically backup all photos, movies, music and other content on  [Read More…]

Millennial Media: Android Leads All Mobile Platforms with 61% Share

The latest Millennial Media ‘Mobile Mix’ has landed today and it shows Android continuing its dominance over all other mobile platforms.  According to their ad network metrics, Android has grown 15% month-over-month and now has a 61% share of overall smartphone impressions.  Apple comes in at a distant second place with 21% of the market, down six points from the month before.  For whatever reason, the dip was  [Read More…]

Jumptap Mobile Hot Spot Map Shows Which States Are iOS Dominated

It’s sort of like the red/blue political map of the USA that you see on the news during presidential elections… but way cooler.

The good people at Jumptap have published what’s being called a mobile platform “heat map,” as it makes it easy to peruse the states in which certain smartphones and their accompanying mobile operating systems are most popular.

The blue states, as highlighted in the image above, showcase where iOS enjoys dominance within  [Read More…]

Chinese Company Developing Cloud-Based Mobile OS to Rival iOS, Android in China

Apple may be gunning for dominance within the enormous and highly lucrative mobile phone population in China, but if Alibaba Group has its druthers, Apple and Google may see their respective mobile operating systems face some stiff competition from the supposedly in-development cloud-based mobile OS designed by the Chinese e-commerce giant.

If reports coming out of China and reported by the Wall Street Journal this morning are accurate, Alibaba Group’s very own smartphone operating system  [Read More…]

Google Updates Mobile Search Site For iOS Devices

Yesterday while I was golfing, naturally I used my iPhone to check the weather and search for tips on how to improve the horrific snap hook I developed overnight. During my search, I noticed Google’s mobile search site looked different, complete with large icons for the traditional search options (pictured above).

The updated mobile search site is only available if you complete a google search while logged into your google account. The updates seem to  [Read More…]

Google Joins Apple in Mobile Tracking Scandal

Click the image to open in full size.

Google has formally joined Apple on the list of tech giants involved in mobile tracking scandals. Following weeks of controversy stemming from the recent discovery that Apple’s iOS tracks user location information, on Tuesday Google joined the party as South Korean police raided Google’s Seoul offices. The raid was promoted by concern and accompanying reports that Google is collecting sensitive user information without informed consent  [Read More…]

Facebook Launches New Unified Mobile Website

Facebook, the largest social network on the planet is today launching a new, unified mobile website.

There are currently two versions of Facebook for mobile devices – m.mobile.com and touch.mobile.com. The former is for all devices with touch screens while the latter is designed for more advanced smartphone hardware. From today forward though, m.mobile.com will be the only mobile version of Facebook, writes Mashable’s Ben Parr.

According to Facebook,  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and 10.1 Get Priced, New Thinner Chassis. Touted As World’s Thinnest Mobile Tablets

Apple’s iPad 2 has caused a real stir in the tech community, nowhere more so than Apple’s tablet competitors. Now Samsung has announced their new Galaxy Tab 8.9 and a redesigned 10.1 today, complete with iPad 2-like thin-ness.

Galaxy Tab 8.9Galaxy Tab 8.9

The two tablets,  [Read More…]