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Mint Mobile’s $20 data plan sounds too good to be true. It’s definitely not

Here at Android Central, we consider ourselves pretty thrifty people — it’s no accident we’ve partnered with the amazing folks at Thrifter, after all — and in the U.S., wireless service feels like a treadmill of endless fees and price increases.

That’s why, when we had an opportunity to check out Mint Mobile, we jumped at the chance. The MVNO runs on T-Mobile’s nationwide network, but does things a bit differently than the rest of the pack, and  [Read More…]

Mint Mobile’s Super Bowl commercial is must-see TV

You may regret watching Mint Mobile’s Super Bowl commercial — I won’t, um, spoil it, but it should have a content warning — but you won’t regret learning about its new-and-improved plans.

To celebrate the company’s first Super Bowl commercial, Mint Mobile is launching a bunch of amazing promo plans. The idea behind this innovative business model is the same as you’ll fund in bulk stores — you buy wireless service in 3-, 6-, or 12-month chunks buckets that  [Read More…]

Mint Mobile’s give users more data for the money

There are two types of mobile carriers in the United States: national carriers and MVNOs. National carriers like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile command higher prices for faster data speeds and benefits like better customer service, free Amazon Prime, or Netflix.

MVNO, or Mobile Virtual Network Operators, are smaller carriers that lease tower space from the big four. You can often save a ton of money with these plans — but you may run into slower data speeds or less  [Read More…]

Save up to $45 on three months of US Mobile’s already-affordable service

An interesting offer exclusively for our readers.

US Mobile does things a little differently than other carriers out there do, and while the rates are already insanely affordable, the carrier is offering Android Central readers an exclusive chance to drop the prices even lower. We recently took a deep dive into US Mobile, checking out the plans, data speeds, and more, and walked away from it quite impressed. With plans that start at literally just $ 6 a month,  [Read More…]

Score three months of Mint Mobile’s 2GB plan for just $45 total

Pricing this low is hard to pass up!

Mint Mobile is no stranger around here. We’ve talked about them a bunch in the past, and even reviewed our experiences with the service, but it’s been a bit since we reminded you just how affordable your phone bill can be. The MVNO currently has packages starting at just $ 45 for three months of service that includes 2GB of high-speed data. That’s just $ 15 a month, which  [Read More…]

Boost Mobile’s summer sale offers 20% discounts on the Galaxy S9, Moto G6 Play and more

While most US customers are signed up with one of the big carrier names in the country like Verizon, there are many more choices available to American phone customers looking for a bargain.

Known as MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators), these low-cost carriers lease wireless telephone and data service from major carriers.

One of the better-known MVNOs is Boost Mobile, which piggybacks on Sprint’s network to deliver lower prices. If you’re looking for an affordable smartphone and service, you should  [Read More…]

Android users will have to wait a while longer for Outlook Mobile’s add-ins

It’s too bad that Android users weren’t prioritized for an update that brings native Evernote, Giphy, and Trello integration.

Microsoft is celebrating two years of Outlook mobile with a new feature. Unfortunately, it’s only for your iPhone-using friends for now, but at the very least, here’s a preview of what’s to come in three concise GIFs.

Outlook mobile now features add-ins, essentially extensions or plug-ins that help integrate other services into the email app.  [Read More…]

NUU Mobile’s latest unlocked X5 flagship has a pretty interesting feature

NUU Mobile isn’t a name very well-known by smartphone enthusiasts, which is a shame really. We found that the company’s Z8 flagship was a pretty great device coming with capable specs and a low price-tag. Well NUU Mobile was also present at CES 2017 this week and unveiled a brand new unlocked smartphone called the

Freedom Mobile’s LTE network: Should you switch?

Should you switch to Freedom Mobile’s LTE network?

Last week, Freedom Mobile, formerly Wind Mobile, turned on its LTE network for the few customers with the right phones and plans, and though the network is still nascent, enough time has elapsed to give it a fair shake. So let’s talk about it.

But first…

A quick recap

In order to take advantage of the Freedom Mobile LTE network, you need to fulfil a  [Read More…]

Boost Mobile’s newest phone is the ZTE Tempo: a $70 phone that doesn’t suck

Here at AndroidGuys we love MNVO’s and the little guys in the cell phone business. Normally when you go with an MNVO or a phone manufacturer like ZTE, OnePlus, UMI, or Alcatel, you can save a ton of money. Well, ZTE and Boost Mobile are teaming up to bring a $ 70 cell phone that actually